PDXpert PLM software prices & discounts

We've calculated an average user price for several examples based on an annual subscription. All prices include one server license — your confidential product data always remains on your local server or private cloud, under your control.

Single user Example workgroup Example corporate
One full-function user 10 full-function users
and 10 read-only users
100 full-function users
and 100 read-only users
Single user annual subscription Example design team annual subscription Example corporate annual subscription
Free PDXpert trial download Free PDXpert trial download Free PDXpert trial download

* Subscription price averaged for users shown, invoiced annually

Design the perfect license to meet your needs

Select the perpetual or subscription solution that's right for you. Both options let you choose the best mix of flexible full-function and low-cost read-only named user accounts.

See your improved profits and cost savings with our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator.

Subscription license with MSU included §

Amounts are per named user & per month in US dollars1,2
  1 user 3 user 10 user 30 user 100 user 300 user
Full-function license for 6 month period 65/mo 59/mo 52/mo 45/mo 36/mo 29/mo
Full-function license for 12 month period 49/mo 44/mo 39/mo 34/mo 27/mo 22/mo
Read-only license for selected period 12/mo 11/mo 10/mo 9/mo 7/mo 6/mo

► Calculate2 subscription license for a     month period
full-function3 user accounts4 and
read-only3 user accounts

Subscription with maintenance, support & upgrades ("MSU") is USD total

Compared to the single-user subscription, you save USD

Perpetual license / MSU subscription §

Amounts are per named user in US dollars1
  1 user 3 user 10 user 30 user 100 user 300 user
Perpetual full-function license 996 896 796 696 596 496
Annual full-function MSU 249/yr 224/yr 199/yr 174/yr 119/yr 99/yr
Perpetual read-only license 196 176 156 136 116 96
Annual read-only MSU 49/yr 44/yr 39/yr 34/yr 23/yr 19/yr

► Calculate2 perpetual license / annual maintenance, support & upgrades ("MSU"):
full function3 user accounts
read-only3 user accounts

One-time perpetual license is USD

Compared to the single-user license, you save USD

Maintenance, support & upgrade subscription USD per year

Compared to the single-user MSU, you save USD per year

Select your mix: flexible full-function and low-cost read-only user accounts §

A full-function user account provides excellent flexibility for your product data contributors. It permits users to create new part, document and change records; add file attachments to the system library; review, comment on, and approve change forms; and configure the system through the administrator role. You can easily select (and edit) which permissions will be applied to each user account.

A read-only ("RO") user account allows a user to view — but not create, edit or approve — data records and files in the PDXpert system.

When a user no longer needs access, simply delete the log-in account and re-assign it to another person.

I have experience with more expensive modular systems and PDXpert can pretty much do what any of those expensive ones do.

All-inclusive subscription license §

With a low upfront price, our subscription license is a budget-friendly choice for starting your PLM system, and offers maximum flexibility.

A subscription accommodates variations in your project staffing levels. For example, if you're starting a year-long project that will require less staff in the future, you may choose a 12-month subscription for the entire team, and then renew at a lower staffing level. It also lets you directly assign the cost to a specific project or client, and there may be tax advantages to expensing rather than capitalizing your PLM system.

A subscription license always includes a concurrent maintenance, support and upgrades (MSU) subscription.

You can convert from a subscription license to perpetual license at any time, and we'll apply any unused portion of your current subscription.

Perpetual license §

A perpetual license provides the best cost over the long term. It allows the purchased release to be installed on a single server for the licensed number of named user accounts, without any further payments.

Keep your system up-to-date with our maintenance, support and upgrade subscription, as described in the next section.

Maintenance, support and upgrades ("MSU") §

An annual maintenance, support and upgrade, or MSU, subscription includes all product improvements as well as technical and application assistance. Every user benefits from a well-maintained and upgraded system.

  • Maintenance responds to the ever-changing Windows environment. Maintenance activities include, for example, installers and application code for versions of Windows; current SQL Server editions; Report Viewer, Office formats, file Search, and other third-party components; and Microsoft security notices and service packs for Windows, .NET, and SQL Server.

  • Support provides assistance to administrators and other system users. This includes questions about system installation, configuration and operation, as well as engineering data management good practices and process design trade-offs.

  • Upgrades add new features and improve performance and convenience to PDXpert and PDXplorer software. Major releases add notable new capabilities, while minor releases refine existing functions, address customer requests, and enhance operation.

Your MSU subscription also includes a free license for a separate test-development-training server, as well as discounted developer rates for custom reports.

We recommend buying MSU for at least the first year to ensure that you obtain all of the setup and configuration support you may need, as well as valuable advice applying best practices to your environment.

Customers greatly value our MSU service, as proven by the high renewal rate for MSU subscriptions.

I think the licensing scheme is very fair and non-intrusive.

Do you need both perpetual & subscription? No problem! §

We can create hybrid perpetual/subscription licenses. These provide a "base" of perpetual licenses for long-term use, combined with shorter-term project-oriented subscription accounts. Price and software release depend upon the perpetual license and its current support status. Please contact us for assistance.

No hidden license fees §

Your PDXpert system always includes a PDXpert server license at no additional cost, as well as the free version of SQL Server Express that's appropriate for smaller systems. There are no premium-priced "administrator", "creator", or "approver" licenses — you can easily choose (and change) which permissions will be applied to each full-function user account.

More information

Compare PDXpert software's affordable price to the very significant costs of an inefficient manual process. With PDXpert PLM, your employees will be more productive, your suppliers will appreciate receiving accurate and approved product data, and your customers and investors will be impressed by the results of your superior product management process.

Learn how to purchase, renew, convert or upgrade PDXpert PLM software or Contact us to discuss your special requirements.


  1. You may also use a read-only named user account for a multi-user, single-location kiosk computer. Read the named user account terms and conditions for both humans and machines.
  2. Subscriptions are priced per-month to simplify comparisons, and are invoiced for the total number of months selected. Calculations exclude government-imposed fees (sales taxes, import duties, etc.), optional services, or third-party hardware/software. All prices are subject to change without notice. Refer to our standard sales terms and conditions.
  3. Full-function and read-only user accounts are counted separately to determine the discount level for each.
  4. Each system requires at least one full-function account, which is assigned to the default "super administrator" user. In a single-user system, this user performs all configuration, data entry and change approval tasks.


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