PLM is engineering drawing management software (EDMS)

The essential output of engineering design is not a simply product, but the technical data necessary for replicating the product accurately, consistently and efficiently.

Engineering drawing content

Your engineering drawings are the essential communication method for conveying design data. In most cases, the engineering drawing package is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software, but may occasionally include paper documents, photographic film, computer software on CD, and other physical media. Groups within and outside your company rely entirely on the accuracy and completeness of your engineering drawing package to efficiently realize your design intent.

Engineering drawing control requirements

Since the engineering drawing package forms the foundation of a company's intellectual property, the contents of the engineering drawing package must be cataloged, and changes to each engineering drawing must be identified, reviewed, approved and distributed to affected personnel.

While engineering drawing practice has been defined by early standards such as DOD-STD-100 and later by the ASME Y14 standards, these simply specify the engineering drawing content, and not its management and control. However, managing the engineering drawing package throughout a product's life cycle is a major challenge for companies facing rapidly-changing market conditions, a fluid supply chain, and new regulatory requirements. Accurate, up-to-date information is crucial to a correctly manufactured product.

An engineering drawing that can't be identified correctly, or has unapproved content, or has simply "gone missing" can't contribute to the quality of a product.

On the other hand, an engineering drawing package that is identifiable, searchable, reviewable, and immediately available significantly reduces product costs by simplifying design, procurement, manufacturing, customer training and field service. PDXpert PLM software provides these exact benefits.

Engineering drawing management functions

A profitable, high-quality product isn't possible until all engineering drawings and data have been created, captured, approved and published.

A complete engineering drawing management software environment encompasses a combination of capabilities and processes.

Engineering drawing management capabilities should include efficient methods for creating design document and part data records, managing assembly structures, storing electronic file attachments, and processing engineering change forms.

Engineering drawing management processes include business rules that define which document and part types are supported, how item numbers are assigned, how drawings are revised, who approves changes to part & drawing revisions, the conditions under which parts are qualified for use, and a host of other details.

Engineering drawing management with PDXpert PLM software

PDXpert PLM software provides a comprehensive set of engineering drawing management capabilities that in-house document control solutions can't match. From electronic file management in a centralized data library to change workflow that encourages detailed design reviews, PDXpert PLM software solves many of the document control challenges that face growing companies.

PDXpert PLM software provides these engineering drawing management capabilities:

  • fast, attribute-driven engineering drawing and part record searches
  • content searches of common file types such as Word, Excel, and PDF
  • rules-based item number assignment, which support both intelligent part number and tabulated drawing schemes
  • flexible item revision rules, including optional pre- and post-production formats
  • pre-defined part and drawing types with default attributes
  • drag-and-drop object construction for quickly building assemblies
  • engineering drawing, part, BOM and design file release management with approval workflow

These functions translate directly into real benefits including increased sales revenue through faster product releases; lower product costs by using the most current engineering drawings and parts; and lower administrative overhead by providing important supporting information (like cost and material roll-ups) automatically.

PDXpert PLM software: Beyond engineering drawing management

As engineering departments' requirements have expanded, engineering drawing management solutions have become more sophisticated. Product lifecycle management software is the evolutionary descendant of simple "engineering drawing control" software.

PDXpert PLM software provides the necessary engineering drawing management capabilities and, equally important, automates and enforces the many processes necessary for good engineering data management. And, PDXpert PLM software goes beyond just engineering document control by including the functions essential for managing the complete product design life cycle, such as part records, bills of materials, engineering changes and materials management.

Learn more about how PDXpert PLM manages your engineering drawings

PDXpert PLM has been specifically designed for smaller organizations making the transition from ad hoc product data management.

Product lifecycle management improves your engineering data availability and security, while reducing its cost. Download PDXpert PLM software to see how a PLM solution can help your company.

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