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Let's be honest — no one has ever graduated from engineering college with the idea "I can't wait until I get my hands on a PLM system." Instead, we jump into engineering to design all the cool stuff that the world needs.

However, with experience we realize that engineering design, by itself, isn't enough. We must clearly communicate our designs so they can be produced accurately and consistently.

Engineering data management is a specialized discipline, requiring real-world design and production experience and lots of software engineering expertise. This is why professionally-developed PLM software is so important. Invented-on-the-fly data managers simply waste time, cost money and add risk.

Not surprisingly, our team is obsessed with PLM software, and we've happily spent much of our careers designing data management systems for other engineers.

Exactly the solution you're looking for

Ideally, PLM is appreciated for its benefits, and then just fades into the background as another modern convenience ("Wow, I don't know how I got along without it!"). You want to select a solid tool that makes your life easier and your data more secure, and you expect installation and configuration to be hassle-free.

PDXpert PLM software is that tool. It represents our complete "from the ground up" re-thinking of how parts, bills of materials, documents, electronic files, and change forms are used in growing companies, and how these should be managed in an easy-to-use PLM software package.

Why us?

HX3 Solutions (HX3) was formed to serve the needs of engineering organizations with right-sized tools for workflow efficiency, information management and team collaboration. Whether you are an engineering group of 1 or a 1000, you will find our price, service and value not only attractive but unbeatable.

We're unique among PLM solution providers because we strive for a simple, no-hassle PLM software experience:

  • What you see is what you get: easy-to-understand product features
  • The software is typically onboarded with your data in a day
  • A fully-functional PLM evaluation system that you can download and try out using your company's own product data, rules and workflow
  • You own and control your data, not a cloud or software vendor
  • Published prices with attractive discounts
  • Convenient, flexible licenses: perpetual or subscription
  • Friendly, honest advice on how PDXpert PLM software will work in your application, without a sales pitch
  • Configuration, legacy data conversion and training services only when you need them
  • Straight-forward user interface for easy administration and user productivity

We want you to know exactly what you're buying, so we make it easy to compare PDXpert PLM software to our competition. Perhaps surprising: we'll suggest alternative PLM systems if we can't meet the project objectives.

HX3 Solutions, Inc. is run by engineers, for engineers. Since 1993, we have focused on affordable product data and lifecycle management solutions for small- and mid-sized workgroups — from a single user to hundreds. PDXpert® PLM software was introduced in January, 2007.

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