Document control & file management

Clicking on file references within PDXpert immediately opens the corresponding drawing, specification, document or file, saving hours of time and greatly improving the use and reuse of parts in new and revised designs with substantial reduction in cost of inventory.

PDXpert software supports the requirement for traditional engineering drawing management systems with a document card record, complete file revision history, design file check-in/check-out, and revision release management.

Simply managing document revisions is sometimes not enough. PDXpert software can help you comply with regulatory agencies if your company must conform to ISO-9000 standards, or is subject to FDA 21 CFR Part 820, 21 CFR Part 11 or similar requirements.

An informal file server-based repository quickly loses its appeal as both the library and your staff grows. PDXpert software avoids file loss, improves security and speeds file searches.

  • Free-form text search of database and file contents
  • Simplified file identification and revision management
  • Role-based user access

Application notes and help topics


If you've been managing documents and product design files for a while, you might be surprised how a PLM system can make your tasks simpler. Here are a few ideas on managing your documents:

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