Installing PDXpert 6 for typical environments

This setup process is for those who want to install PDXpert software on a reasonably current computer, without any special considerations. Depending on your computer's configuration, the process takes roughly 15 minutes, principally for installation of Microsoft SQL Server.

These instructions are for an obsolete PDXpert release. If you're installing PDXpert release 8.0 or higher, use these instructions.

You must have administrator rights to your computer, and be the only user logged into Windows.

1. Prepare your computer

2. Save the PDXpert PLM system installer

If you have not yet obtained the PDXpert system installer, register and download the setup file now.

Save the PDXpert system installer to your computer. Do not run the installer directly from your browser. An interrupted connection may cause the installation process to fail.

3. Run the PDXpert server & local client installer

Run the PDXpert System installer on one computer. The PDXpert Application Server and PDXpert PLM client are matched to your 32b/64b Windows.

PDXpert 6 installs SQL Server 2005 Express, which is not supported on Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012. To use a specific SQL Server version (like Standard Edition or SQL 2012), or if you're installing on Win8 or Server 2012, then read Custom installation: SQL Server before running the PDXpert Server installer.

  • If your computer does not already have Microsoft .NET 4, it will be downloaded from the Microsoft website and installed.
  • If you have not installed a Microsoft SQL Server instance for PDXpert's use, then SQL Server 2005 Express will be downloaded and installed.

4. Log into the PDXpert client

The default account user name is Admin and the account has a blank password.

If you're not familiar with PDXpert operation, start by viewing these tutorials.

Installing the PDXpert client on other computers

If you use more than one computer for your PDXpert system, install the PDXpert client application on each user's computer. Do one of the following:

  • Run the PDXpertClient installer that has been created on your server computer's Desktop; or
  • Download the installer from this web page onto each workstation, and run it.

Your software license registration key

For users without a license key file

If you're installing PDXpert for the first time, you won't need a software license registration key. After you start the PDXpert client, enter your company name in the Software License Key window.

Your initial trial period is 3 weeks, and you can contact us to extend the period.

For users with a license key

Load the license key as described in the PDXpert help file.

System diagrams

Single-user install: Server, database and client installed

PDXpert single-user installation block diagram

Multi-user install: Server and database installed, then each workstation

PDXpert multi-user installation block diagram
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