PDXpert 16.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 16.0 series software (all dates are UTC).

PDXpert PLM 15.0

Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

After upgrading: For correct operation, review all After upgrading instructions shown in these release notes.

Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server 2022 are qualified for use with PDXpert 14.0, 15.0 and 16.0.

See PDXpert system requirements for supported Microsoft Windows and SQL Server versions.

16.0.3202.5 (577): 2022-10-02§

New features and functions§

  • User permissions

    • Previous trustee/originator, analyst, administrator and other user access permissions are rewritten and now summarized in the new User access design application note. [g607] §

      Before upgrading: Review the User access design application note, system rules, and the Roles and Product Families collections. While most common use cases won't have significant changes, many have at least minor changes. For example, item attributes and item files are available while being routed for approval, and tasks can be added & edited until the item is released. Change attributes, notes, files and dispositioning can be edited until the change is completed. Administrator override has been expanded, but also requires explicit role setting; for example, to edit item description after release.

      A test environment is recommended for validating user access permissions that are applicable to your workflows.

    • New system rule Unlock change form Tasks while change: Is at Originated or Submitted or Is not Completed or Rejected Help topic. [8369f582]§

      After upgrading: Review setting to ensure the correct access value is selected.  The upgrade automatically assigns the pre-upgrade behavior:  Is at Originated or Submitted

    • New system rule Unlock change form Files while change: Is at Originated or Submitted or Is not Completed or Rejected Help topic. [g600,6caff323]§

      After upgrading: Review setting to ensure the correct access value is selected. The upgrade automatically assigns the pre-upgrade behavior:  Is at Originated or Submitted

    • New Product Families collection's Product Team settings permit the listed users to manage selected attributes on items and change forms. Help topic (Product Team). [g497,1600b3d7,6caff323,edf861d9,g607,98685b42]§

      After upgrading: Review each Product Families collection member's settings to ensure the correct access values are selected. The upgrade automatically assigns values that are similar to the pre-upgrade's generic Product Team member permissions.

    • New Batch Importer template creates Product Families collection members, and adds/clears Product Team list. Help topic.

    • New Batch Importer template appends/clears Product Families collection members on items, and updates ItemSummaries cache. The administrator's Add these product families to every new item that I create user setting list will not be applied during batch importing. Help topic. [3a83de0e,57e187e9,0c6ccfa3,7e3bfa9a,f83738d6]§

    • Double-click the part/document Product Families list to show details of selected Product Families collection member. [g636,6184b7cd] §

  • New Change Forms collection member setting allows return to Originated or Submitted state, regardless of path 02 setting. Help topic. [g407,569d8251] §

    After upgrading: Review each Change Forms collection member's Workflow to ensure the return path is set to the correct value. The upgrade automatically assigns values that match the pre-upgrade's behavior based on Path 02.

    Change workflow return options.

  • New Change Priorities collection member's Task priority selection translates the change priority into a user task priority, and allows the Item Explorer's Tasks list to be sorted accordingly. Help topic. [g238,8ea7b0d9,Schema 577] §

    After upgrading: All upgraded Change Priorities collection members show the default Medium priority value. Assign a Task priority value that lets users sort their change workflow tasks according to the change priority.

  • Add new tooltips (info pop-ups) to Item Explorer New list [438617a1,g582-1,Schema 577]§

    Search list tooltip 
  • Add new Item Explorer search category filters for iteration-related lifecycle: and version: See the Search commands: Filter categories help topic. [g640-B,g640-C,2df3a67c]§

    After upgrading: Filter categories are added when an item is created or edited. If you prefer, re-index the database to add these categories to all items.

  • Add new tooltips to Item Explorer Recent and Search lists. When row is clicked, temporarily hide tooltip until mouse moves to another cell or row. [g567,g578,36d08793;569d8251,5f057748]§

    Recent list tooltip Search list tooltip

    Search files list tooltip

  • Add new tooltips to Item Explorer Files list. [g582-2,2135b3d9,1d2c6389]§

    Files list tooltip 
  • Item Explorer Files list opens pending, instead of released, iteration. Include pending iteration's lifecycle in Release column. [g601,2135b3d9]§

  • Item Explorer Tasks list:

    • Add new tooltips to show change workflow task instruction. When row is clicked, temporarily hide tooltip until mouse moves to another cell or row. [g518,g582-4,g612-B,f63765fe,a213c289,Schema 577]§

      Tasks list tooltip 
    • Save user's settings for sorting and showing items. [g422,3eb881cb]§

    • New Category in tooltips [039ae9a6]§

    • Show Assigned on date. [724f0a61-A,8a9eee9b]§

      Change workflow events ("system tasks") before this upgrade do not have Assigned on dates.

    • New Assigned on and Assigned to as sorting options. See note above. [724f0a61-B,g604]§

    • Move options menu to top and right side of list; move results count to top. [724f0a61-C]§

    • Improve options button/popup click behavior. [724f0a61-D]§

    • Format toggle button as normal button with mouse-over highlight. Revise option text as resource. [g612A,51a2e547]§

    • List opens pending, instead of released, iteration. [b98dff61]§

  • Add new tooltips and color-coded action text and glyphs releasing, revising, canceling to the change form Affected list. [589e2e59,g578] §

    Change Form Affected list.

  • New transform fileSaveAs settings:

    • {ItemReleaseFrom} (default format 000000) and {ItemReleaseDatetime} (default yyMMdd-HHmmss, like 220608-140321) for correctly identifying the file import sequence. The "item" is the first user-selected part, document or change item.

    • Add new change form definitions for {ItemLifecycle} and {ItemReleaseState}.

    • Improve {FileDatetime} formatting.

    See Transforms: fileSaveAs settings help topic. [g473,f182b11a]§

  • New indexing engine configuration settings for items and files. To change settings, see the Install Guide's Configuration settings: Index topic. [089d18ab] §

  • PDXpert 14.0, PDXpert 15.0 and PDXpert 16.0 are supported on Microsoft Windows Server 2022 (10.0.20348). [ws22,ed39bd69] §

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • Improve Appears On lists [6a5bdd72, 717837f1,g535]§

    • Ensure right-click on unselected row opens newly-selected item.

    • Prevent adding an extra empty column when using Copy Row / List to Clipboard context menu commands.

    • Tooltip has no timeout. [c890ed7c]

    • New BOM Sources References row tooltips with expanded relational data Notes, RefDes, BOM Quantity Category

    • Presort list by Number, then From.

    • Remove Class icon column, replace From/To revision status icons.

    • Add lifecycle to Revision column.

    • Merge part unit into Quantity column.

    • Add Row column to References list.

    • Add new Advisory change icon (advisory change) and Executing change icon (executing change) column to Changes lists [1f924b98,Schema 577]

    • New Changes row tooltip has expanded values to show executing change action (release/cancel/none) and action date. [717837f1]

    • Presort list by Action (executing, then advisory), then by Number (in reverse order).

  • Update Explorers: Move tab icons to main Window toolbar; refresh visual theme to VS15 light; remove Search panel padding; adjust embedded panels' location. [07047a15]§

  • Show application release in client's status bar tooltip (over server name, adjacent to user name/role). [22f3c5c5]§

  • Use Cascadia Mono, Consolas, Lucida Console, FontFamily.GenericMonospace as ranked theme monospace font. [de0ff460,b8ee53b9]§

  • Save user's most recent export file type (csv, txt, xlsx), and assign as default in SaveFileDialog(). [7faac62c] §

  • Show change form's Product Families list in tooltip. Make control visible always. [e0bd412f]§

  • Show change Action:Lifecycle in change form's status bar. [g606,d069a1ac]§

  • Show Change lifecycle event date as tooltip. Note: This date is shown on change lifecycles that occur after this upgrade. [93fb7015]§

  • Add PDX package export settings to include/exclude Item (part/document) ChangeHistory list. [45af906c]§

  • Set ChangeProcessor.SetItemState() LifeCyclePhaseDate for change form state and workflow tasks; initialize in Change.OnCreate(). [25f1b559] §

  • Update database UserTaskSummary view to AssignedOn as Change.LifeCyclePhaseDate for workflow and Change.ReleaseDate for dispositioning tasks. [f265c346] §

  • Add custom attribute format @L for lower case conversion; see the Custom attributes: Text format commands help topic. [g516,2d81e1d4]§

  • For Document Types and Part Types, alter revision identification behavior to Warn on duplicate revision option. Add new Guideline warning guideline warning icon to document and part forms' Data revision text box. Help guide topic. [g561,8e1a3a01]§

  • Update Organizations collection form to show guideline warning icon and revised text for Display name guideline violations. [5f0e980c]§

  • When updating an existing Organizations member, the Batch Importer uses MakeAbbreviation() calculator to overwrite empty Display name values. [097bbe76] §

  • Always enable Change Forms workflow paths 04 and 05. [f894cb1d]§

  • Show database name (PDXpertDB) and its current COMPATIBILITY_LEVEL in PDXpert Server Information tab SQL Server textbox. [g544,06db8d43] §

  • Include restored database file's path and name in PDXpert Server backup status. [ccaabd75]§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Keep cursor at insertion point when pasting into textbox control, and add leading/trailing spaces as needed. [g635,39acf356]§

  • Replace OLEDB with OpenXML for transforms that export Excel .XSLX spreadsheet files. This addresses problem with the Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 driver, where recent versions of Excel may not include column headers. [g599,g475,43bdf0a1] §

    After upgrading: Check each Transforms collection member’s XML text. In each transform that uses <Provider>Table1</Provider> or <Provider>8fb9e24b-bbfb-44a0-903e-d526db8e3fd0</Provider> replace the value using <Provider>Table2</Provider>, unless you must use the Excel 97-2003 .XLS file format. All PLMX-based transforms are obsolete and should be replaced with SQL-based transforms (examples available in earlier release notes) and the Table2 provider.

  • Fix MarkTabsHavingContent() object null reference. [g553,7229530f3]§

  • Report preview window boundary supports high-DPI display scaling. [g548,e31cc4d5a]§

  • Changes to PDX package:

    • In Export PDX Package window, CheckedListBox adds custom attribute names as case-insensitive (e.g., Value and VALUE are equivalent, and only the first one found is shown in list). Add to client log file warning when name is excluded, and expand help topic for XML naming constraints. [g585, d63eef27, 7111e7a8, 1ffdb989]§

    • Fix export setting to Include all Item web links when no item files are included in package. [g558,0733925a]§

    • Fix export .StdAttr.globalProductTypeCode:Select key to correctly replace \uFFFC temporary delimiter. [ff52da5f]§

    • During PDX package construction, reduce incidence of The Writer is closed or in error state. error message by removing invalid control characters like NUL and US (the ranges 0x00-0x1F, 0x7F-0x9F). In some cases, replace selected whitespace characters (e.g., HT CR LF NBSP) with a normal space character, and replace invalid end-of-line copied from Linux/MacOS systems. See help topic. [g452,60444ba6]§

    • Normalize PDX package attachment file names, replacing Unicode with ASCII characters. See PDXpert IPC-2570 technical notes. [f5cb3261]§

  • Increase icon sizes in part/document iteration dropdowns from 12×12px to 14×14px. [d095563a]§

  • Changes to User Management tool:

    • Fix column sorting arrows; disable arrows on non-sorting Password and Action columns. [g625]§

    • Disable Delete button in Super Administrator user account row. [g491,9bf3f902]§

    • Open tool's help topic on F1 key. [b385c5d7]§

    • Add help topic Column reference section. [ca873b88]§

    • Add help topic Account name note: The log-in name disallows spaces by default, but they can be inserted after entering the name. [g619,8fa43d1b]§

  • Expand document/part description help topic to emphasize that the item search engine uses natural language rules. [846ecec7]§

  • Expand change workflow Originated and Submitted help topics related to routing messages and advisory dialog. [4095f19a]§

  • In PDXpert Application Server window, include machine name in the Save Log Files file name. [g556,ccb77c6a]§

  • Fix Grid class FormatTextBlock() to skip NULL paragraphs instead of reverting to unformatted page. [4f338abb]§

  • Update Views collection and ODBC collections help topics, particularly four CAD- related public views. [f99ca067]§

  • Encode HTML reserved characters in multi-field report columns, e.g., part BOM list Name/RefDes/Note. [g569,733577d2,559f57f6]§

  • Improve license validation and diagnostics logging. Add internet / certificate chain access to Import license file help topic, and related CA certificate install procedure. [g573,fbdcd05b,84bdc7e8]§

  • Update Change Forms collection to copy source form's paths and email parties. [g568,20a5d44d]§

  • Fix when Change Form workflow path 10 is disabled, no other path is enabled: enable path 08. Adjust enable/disable behaviors on 20, 21, 22 paths. [20a5d44d]§

  • Adjust StartDB settings: Disable path 16 on Change Notice workflow. [g570,9b043512] §

  • Adjust StartDB settings: Disable document References in system rules. [g489,9b043512] §

  • In PDXpert Server Information page's TCP port number control, show current (not default) service configuration file key="ServiceTcpPort" setting. [fe45a139A]§

  • Copy server environment information to PDXpert.Server.log file when Save Log Files is clicked. [fe45a139B]§

  • Include Windows name, architecture, build, .NET version in PDXpertService log file. [2677bf2c]§

  • Include DatabaseId in PDXpertService log file. [ec9779c0]§

  • Revise layout on User Settings window. [95620ebb]§

  • The Index Status tool's help topic opens only after the help file has been opened elsewhere in the session. [g430,add4f6e8]§

  • Standardize control layouts on Organizations and Persons collection member forms. [989fc9da]§

  • Adjust Batch Importer default window size. [fecde547]§

  • On the Item Explorer New list, remove unneeded ( ) when Display name is empty. [7e25ba49]§

  • Update item types, dispositioning and item lifecycle collections to show Display name instead of Abbreviation to correspond with Item Explorer New tooltips. [072bd058]§

  • Move change form's Tasks page to be consistent with document and part windows. [6eda7665]§

  • Update change form's Product Families list after affected item's Product Families list is changed [g586]§

  • Adjust HTML formatting in color-coded environments help topic. [g459, bf4ac5e3]§

  • Update Change the database server help topic to restart the PDXpert Server service after moving to new SQL Server instance. [g549,57a848f6]§

  • Update server-related help topics, particularly data backup, restore, and move. [6b80112d]§

  • New help warnings against attaching database instead of following normal Backup/Restore. [f19fcbac]§

  • Replace TaskPriority enum with Priorities enum. [g605,00c878c2]§

  • Fix ItemProductFamily table's DELETE trigger to reconcile Item.ProductFamilies string. [b85813d2,772e14dc]§

  • Add ServiceModel.WindowsService.Init() exit codes (and include in PDXpert.Service.log file) on startup to support service recovery settings. [b635fb38] §

  • Update package dependencies.

    • DockPanelSuite 3.1.0 (2021-08-27), was 3.0.6. Release notes [07047a15]§

    • DockPanelSuite.ThemeVS2015 3.1.0 (2021-08-27), new requirement. Release notes [07047a15]§

    • DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.16.0 (2022-03-15), was 2.13.1. Release notes [1f17a95f]§

    • NLog 4.7.15 (2022-03-26), was 4.7.11. Release notes [ef377a08,7206631f]§

    • Stub.System.Data.SQLite.Core.Framework (2021-11-02), was 1.0.115. Release notes [0d64cdb9]§

    • System.Data.SQLite.Core (2021-11-02), was 1.0.115. Release notes [0d64cdb9]§

Antivirus check§

Installer Scan results
PDXpertClientSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com

16.0.3204.5: 2022-10-14§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Fix change form file attachments/links to allow view/copy to anyone who is permitted to open the record. [8239b105]§

  • Fix Item Explorer New tabs: Clicking header fails to sort list. [g664,fb812671 (reversion 15.0 @ 67523c3f)]§

  • Add debug-level exception handler to ItemIndexer.Index(). [49a722b8]§

  • Update diagnostic help topics: email setup, SQL Server startup, PERS. [a22b3a88,6674d242]§

Antivirus check§

Installer Scan results
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PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com

16.0.3206.5 (578): 2022-10-20§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Fix UserTaskSummary database view to compensate for empty values in change priority and task dates; correct change form workflow tasks filtering; expand workflow scope to include change analyst Held and Released states. [a284f229,R578]§

  • Add database upgrade diagnostics in PDXpert.Service.exe.config file <rules><logger minlevel="Debug" /> to identify DbObjects (e.g., invalid user-defined views) that can't be dropped. [7677411e]§

  • Adjust placement and timing of pop-ups on Item Explorer Recent and Search lists, and item Appears On pages, to increase visibility/accessibility of rows below the current row. [b1784558]§

Antivirus check§

Installer Scan results
PDXpertClientSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com

16.0.3208.5: 2022-11-07§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Fix Edit after first release: Item description setting.  [22c792c6]§

    For earlier 16.0 releases: After first item release, edit item description using Tools ➔ Administrator Override command.

  • Update Roles collection Edit after first release: help topic note about administrator permissions. [2289729c,110e51bb]§

  • Revise User access design application note's footnotes 1 to 4. [056b7646]§

  • Close Item Explorer Tasks filter/sort options popup (1) before any selection, when moving pointer outside window; (2) after any selection, when clicking outside window; or (3) on clicking button. Provide a larger pointer target by moving options popup to button's bottom, and offset right. [g639,2084ccec]§

  • Adjust placement and timing of info popups on Item Explorer Tasks list to increase visibility/accessibility of rows below the current row. [5d06694e]§

Antivirus check§

Installer Scan results
PDXpertClientSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com

16.0.3214.5: 2022-12-19§

New features and functions§

  • PDXpert 14.0, PDXpert 15.0 and PDXpert 16.0 are supported on Microsoft SQL Server 2022 (16.0.1000.6). Updates to PDXpert Server Information page, and related install guide topics. [sql22] §

  • New Use standard Windows cursors user setting disables the custom drag-and-drop cursor, which uses .NET GDI+ rather than the Win32 cursor graphics. This allows virtualized desktop applications (e.g., Citrix, RDS/RDP) to use native Windows cursors. See help topic. [15897075,g313]§

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • Support item drag and drop from all part and document Appears On lists. [d2048587]§

  • Improve application installers: [7f5c5312]§

    • Use descriptive installer names in Control Panel's Programs and Features list. [g676]§

      • PDXpertSystemSetup.exe from PDXpert PLM to PDXpert Server with Local Client

      • PDXpertClientSetup.exe from PDXpert PLM Client to PDXpert Network Client

      • PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.exe PDXpert to PDXpert Network Client (all users)

    • Update installers' help URLs. [137ee25b]§

    • Update PDXpertClientSetup.exe & PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.exe prerequisite check to .NET 4.8.

    • Add new descriptions to the PDXpert Server and PDXpert Filter services. [g686,f11fb6ba]§

    • Add application package description in ARPCOMMENTS registry keys.

    • Add SQL Server 2022 test for SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server Local DB\Installed Versions\16.0 registry key.

    • Increase installer windows' size, reposition controls, add installer use summary, and note that PDXpertSystemSetup is not a substitute for the PDXpertClientSetup installer. Improve server installer's Options guidance.

    • Fix PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.exe production icon. Remove unused plmx.ico file from both \PF installers. [4179f3e0]§

    • Update help topics, glossary and install guide to "network client" nomenclature. [99d84c10]§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • On drag and drop, exclude null item summaries from cursor object list. Test for cursor null object summary to skip superfluous exception when opening collection member or item record. Update OnGiveFeedback() to override custom cursors with the standard Windows cursors, per new user setting. [a980c2dc]§

  • Lock keep/remove row's controls on Markup list after creating new pending iteration; show row Notes as unlocked when user has permissions. Update help topics to confirm that BOM, Sources, References lists' Notes, and Sources list's Rank, are not under revision control. [8d77e924,4fa1c8da]§

  • Fix network client exception Could not load file or assembly 'PDXpert.Resources...' at PDXpert.Framework.OperatingSystem.get_DisplayName(). [a6a41330/¬3945f0d2]§

  • Add .NET 4.8.1 detection, apply consistent OS environment string format to server and clients. [ca70224c]§

  • Remove help topics' obsolete references to file attachment Permissions dialog. [7743fc60]§

  • Update PDXpert Application Server overview help topic to explicitly identify console and service functions. [62017529]§

  • Update license key validation for OK button; add new error log diagnostics for broken certificate chain; adjust waiver logic. [g538,g641±,b777a401,5a7e7587]§

  • Update software license to specify that the license type is either Subscription type or Perpetual type. [34dc8252]§

  • Update package dependencies.

    • DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.18.0 (2022-09-06), was 2.16.1. Release notes [e3e7bb76-bca164c2]§

    • Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportViewerControl.Winforms 150.1537.0 (2022-08-30), was 150.1484.0. Release notes [788ef97e]§

    • Stub.System.Data.SQLite.Core.NetFramework 1.0.117 (2022-11-26), was Release notes [ff038929]§

    • System.Data.SQLite.Core 1.0.117 (2022-11-26), was Release notes [ff038929]§

    • System.IO.Packaging 7.0.0 (2022-11-07), was 5.0.0. Release notes [dd58ac46]§

Antivirus check§

Installer Scan results
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PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi www.VirusTotal.com
PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com

16.0.3224.5: 2023-03-13§

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • The DataGrid's row filter matches multiple search tokens across multiple columns. See updated DataGrid: Filter row help topic. [g701,262676a1]§

    After upgrading: For correct DataGrid filtering, all numeric and other non-text columns in a DataGrid transform must be converted to text, using CAST([column] as nvarchar) or similar. The following example Transforms collection members' XML should be replaced (or a new transform added) to allow correct row filtering in release 16.0.3224.5:

    These transforms are appropriate for 16.0.3224.5 only. Later releases will automatically convert non-text columns for filtering, and earlier transforms don't need text conversion.

  • Change form's Routing Error dialog identifies the parent-child relationship as BOM, References or Sources list; window size increased; textbox content set as read-only; label anchored. See updated Fixing routing errors help topic. [g695,dd9aa72f]§

  • On PDXpert Server Information tab, new View Services... button opens Windows Services application. The PDXpert.Server.exe.config log config file DEBUG enumerates services. [g703,59912c17]§

  • On PDXpert Server Manage tab, open the server/service log files folder by pressing the keyboard Alt key while clicking the Save Log Files button. [g688,fac44c52]§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Where a part or document record's Appears On list is longer than visible grid height, enable scrollbars on Session_Initialized() exit (Windows DataGridView control workaround). [g477,bede97f7]§

  • When user sets/clears their agent in User Settings, update the status bar value without client restart. [g613b,ebe44466]§

  • In main status bar, swap positions of agent and excess user account messages, reduce string length: Your agent: {name} User: {name} [g613c,757448e6]§

  • Client About PDXpert dialog server info: includes SQL Server 2022; database as date-only. [60e460fb]§

  • Replace expiring code-signing security certificate for PDX package cryptographic signatures. Update license generator info, controls. [37cdf1f6,dfab58a6,89f2e030]§

  • In Licensing.SetActiveCertAndCheckSignature() at certificate Subject matching test, remove irrelevant Verify() test. [89f2e030]§

  • Remove client alternate dialog when PERS is disabled. [g711,f9e4b3fb]§

  • Change PDXpert.Server.exe.config logger to minlevel=Info setting. [0f9efd3f]§

  • Include system ID in client error info. [g679,g655,d4c40422,9c5e81a2]§

  • Help topic updates: part unit cost; PDX size/signing; Product Families; custom attribute naming; file/link search commands, user access. [edd20f74, 91585979, ae80b82a, 5ecb3beb, 47a20fd1, d705f0dd]§

  • Update package dependencies.

    • DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.19.0 (2022-12-14), was 2.18. Release notes [84960808]§

    • Magick.NET-Q16-AnyCPU 12.3.0 (2023-02-10), was 12.1.0. Release notes [05d1af41-1]§

    • Stubble.Core 1.10.8 (2022-08-29), was 1.9.3. Release notes [05d1af41-2]§

Antivirus check§

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PDXpertSystemSetup.exe www.VirusTotal.com