PDXpert 10.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 10.1 series software (all dates are UTC).

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Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

Windows XP and Windows 2003 do not support .NET 4.5.1 or SQL Server LocalDB, and are therefore incompatible with the PDXpert server software. Our client compatibility tests no longer include Windows XP and Server 2003.

If your PDXpert system currently uses SQL Server 2005, refer to the SQL Server upgrade instructions before installing this release.

Supported Microsoft products are shown in the PDXpert system requirements.

If upgrading PDXpert 8.0 or earlier, uninstall all PDXpert clients. Or, upgrade to PDXpert 10 before upgrading to this release.

10.1.30033.2: 2015-06-29

The PDXpert license agreement has been updated and now incorporates by reference our standard sales policies and procedures. These policies define a new kiosk node account that allows a workgroup to share a single user account to look up product data. If you follow the named user account guidelines, then for licensing purposes you may treat the kiosk node as one person, regardless of how many people use the kiosk account.

See help for details: How to perform other tasks > Manage user accounts: Creating a new kiosk account

  • New system rule for BOM list allows, warns about, or prevents adding the same part more than once. In new systems, this rule is set to prevent duplicate parts on BOMs (preferred practice in most industries). [b357a]

    Upgrade effect: Existing BOM lists that already contain duplicate part numbers will not be affected by this system rule

    New system rule for BOM list allows or prevents adding partner parts directly to the bill of materials. In new systems, this rule is set to prevent partner parts on BOMs (good practice in all industries). [b357b]

    Upgrade effect: Existing BOM lists that already contain partner parts will not be affected by this system rule setting. The upgrade sets the system rule to allow partner parts (this is the system's previous behavior, but is not the recommended setting). After upgrading: Set the system rule to allow or prevent partner parts. See help for details: System Rules reference > Allow partner parts on BOM.

  • New custom attribute definition permits Groups collection to be selected, and the External Data Importer tool accepts Groups members. [b13273]

  • New database Picklist UDF for SQL-based reports and data transformations. [c29929]

  • Update part and document record's Lifecycle dropdown list to sort by relative maturity value. [b11229]

  • Update client log-in to enable the Encrypt my connection to this server option by default. Affects new client installations only. [b13264]

  • Update starting database Disposition Actions and Disposition Locations collection members. [b13269]

  • Update change form permissions so that custom attributes can be edited by analyst in all change lifecycle states except Completed, Canceled, or Rejected. [c30015]

  • Fix client crash when new items are opened from maximized (docked) item windows. The crash (or mode pop-out in Windows XP) is caused by a handle exception when managing maximized child windows within the parent application window. We believe it's unlikely that Microsoft will fix this problem in Windows 7 or 8. (Windows 10 Preview build 10130 shows some behavioral changes in this area, but the handle exception remains.)

    Clicking an item window's Maximize Maximize button button no longer docks the window to the main workspace. Instead, the window height is set to the height of the workspace. All subsequent windows will be opened to their maximum height. Clicking the window's Maximize Maximize button button again will restore the child windows to their normal height. [b13272]

  • Fix record save so that window close event is deferred until after entry is persisted, without requiring tab-out on list control (LostFocus event). [b627, b970]

  • Fix change form's Affected list to identify why drop fails when item is already on another change form. [b13257]

  • Fix overlaid dropdown type-ahead lists where user clicks, then types. [b7177]

  • Fix Item Explorer Tasks list to immediately clear removed change forms. [b13240]

  • Fix New Item wizard to show default Type and assign Lifecycle based on selected type. [b13245]

  • Fix email so that observers without user accounts receive workflow notices (related to changes in 10.0.28579.1 for out-of-office agents). [c29850]

  • Fix change form processing to increase client logging on routing error. [c30006]

  • Fix PDXpert client to validate required version of SQLite. [c29927]

10.1.30074.2: 2015-07-07

  • Fix error on adding a group to the Change Forms template's Reviewing groups list.
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