PDXpert 9.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "9.0 series" (9S) software (all dates are UTC).

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Microsoft's technical support for SQL Server 2005, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista has expired. PDXpert system requirements identify supported replacements for these products.

9.0.25636.541: 2014-01-03

  • New Encrypt my connection to this server checkbox enables forward secrecy when logging into the PDXpert client. Encryption allows the use of an untrusted channel, such as the public internet or a Wi-Fi network, without requiring a VPN.

    No technical knowledge or IT support is required — users simply mark the encryption option. The public key management and Transport Layer Security (TLS) negotiation are handled entirely by PDXpert.

    The PDXpert 9S server and clients create a new ephemeral public key security certificate each time they're started. These certificates are used to negotiate a shared symmetric security key with a short lifespan (generally less than 10 minutes).

    Unlike a VPN or SSL/TLS (https:) website that relies on a static certificate, forward secrecy protects archived encrypted data even if the secret key is later compromised.

    Encrypting client-server communications does not affect how data is stored after it arrives on the server. The content of the SQL Server database and all file attachments are saved as unencrypted data. [B4141]

    Upgrade effect: A secure PDXpert 9.x client (identified as  Release 9S  on the log-in window) can only connect to a secure 9.x server, and vice versa. If your environment contains multiple PDXpert servers that accept connections from any client, all servers must be upgraded.

  • New materialized item view delivers static "pre-joined" data to public views, and in turn to Views collection members. This can improve the performance of slow ODBC clients, while eliminating latency related to script-based materialized views. [B4140]

    Upgrade effect: Before updating your PDXpert system, disable any PowerShell scripts and scheduled tasks that generate a PDXpertDBStatic database. After your system is upgraded, test your ODBC clients using the user-defined views in the PDXpertDB database. Your script-based static database may no longer be needed.

  • Update "BOM with Sources" report to sort sources by Rank rather than by Owner. [B4123]

  • Update collection member to ensure only a non-blank name can be saved. [B4131]

  • Update released part's Default UOM to ensure it can be edited only when Administrator Override rule is enabled. [B4124]

  • Update Organizations and Persons collection member's Address textbox to merge multiple lines. [C25202]

  • Fix multi-level BOM reports' sorting errors. [B4136]

  • Fix PDX to export BOM Notes value into BillOfMaterialItem.notes attribute. [B4151]

  • Fix Change EndEffectiveDate to be saved when user closes form. [B5154]

  • Fix low-resolution application icons. [C25574]

  • Fix email notification on item save when a task's Assigned to is null. [C25533]

  • Fix PropertyDescriptor trigger to delete custom attribute values when same custom property (name) exists on another item type. If two custom properties with the same name are created on different item types (e.g. Specification or Purchase) and then the custom property is deleted from one, the corresponding values of columns in MaterializedCustomAttributes table must be set to NULL. [C25636]

9.0.25670.542: 2014-01-10

  • Fix database MaterializedItem table's Notes column to NVARCHAR(MAX) to allow item record's Notes field to exceed 4000 characters. [C25670]
  • Fix database viewer.ItemView public view, and its relational views, to include IsCancelled column. [C25666]

9.0.25698.543: 2014-01-17

  • Fix database MaterializedItem table: OwnerShort column as NVARCHAR(4000) NULL; TypeShort column as NVARCHAR(4000) NULL; RelativeMaturity column as int NULL. [C25698]

9.0.25712.543: 2014-01-27

  • Fix PDX package where in some cases current child revision is not in multi-level exports. [B5157]