PDXpert 10.3 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 10.3 series software (all dates are UTC).

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Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

The PDXpert system requirements identifies supported Microsoft products. PDXpert software does not support Windows XP and Windows 2003. If your PDXpert system currently uses SQL Server 2005, refer to the SQL Server upgrade instructions before installing this release.

If upgrading PDXpert 8.0 or earlier, uninstall all PDXpert clients. Or, upgrade to PDXpert 10 before upgrading to this release.

10.3.30268.2: 2015-10-07

  • New External Data Importer's ItemMaster.csv import format columns assigns a value to a part's total mass and unit of measure, and exports the current value. New Mass and MassUOM columns are added to item public views. [b13286]

    Effect on your system: If your system has custom attributes with names Mass or MassUOM, these will be renamed with an underscore prefix _ to avoid duplicate column names.

    After upgrading: Validate data transformations and views that refer to all columns (e.g., SELECT * ... ) or to custom attributes with names Mass or MassUOM. If needed, update members of the Data Transformations and Views collections.

  • New Administrator Override permissions allow modification of a released part's BOM rows: BOM quantity category, Ref des, Notes. [b13301.2]

  • Update part's Materials list to permit columns to be sorted when header is clicked. [b3060.2]

  • Update Roles collection's Is an analyst permission to remove analyst's implied membership in every group's Persons list. [b13281.2]

    Effect on your system: If your change workflow has previously assumed that an analyst can respond on behalf of another user, this will be true only when the analyst is named as the user's out of office agent.

    After upgrading: If you intend an analyst to review changes on behalf of a group, add the analyst to the group's Persons list.

  • Update system default database from SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB to SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB. [c30224]

    Effect on your system: None. This affects only new system installations. It has no effect on an existing system, which continues to use its current SQL Server instance.

  • Update NLog from version 4.0 to 4.1. [c30246]

  • Update SQLite from version to [c30247]

  • Fix Administrator Override permissions to allow modification of a released part's BOM rows: Quantity, UOM (if permitted by system rule). [b13301.1]

  • Fix part's Materials list to display materials list alphabetized by Material name. [b3060.1]

  • Fix Reset my user settings to allow switching between machines using different Windows cultures (e.g., between Windows German [de-DE] and Windows English [en-US]). [b13299]

  • Fix toolbar order to correspond with menu order. [b13292]

  • Fix button on change form's Reviewer Password dialog when Windows display is scaled to other than 100%. [b9193]

  • Fix font on Item Explorer when Windows display is scaled to other than 100%. [c30253]

  • Fix Edit menu | Snapshot Convert command to permit document conversions. [c30216]

  • Fix Sources row to allow Notes with single quote. [c30219]

10.3.30313.2: 2015-10-22

  • New External Data Importer's CollectionGroups.csv import format creates new members of the Groups collection, and optionally assigns Persons collection members. It can also export the current groups and their assigned persons. [b13304]

  • Update PDXpert Server's SQL Server Selector dialog to display only compatible SQL Server versions. [c30283,c30313]

  • Update SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB to SQL Server 2014 Express LocalDB on an existing system. [c30283, et seq.]

    After upgrading: If you have manually created a connection from another application to the LocalDB 2012 (localdb)\v11.0, ensure the connection string is updated to the new LocalDB 2014 (localdb)\MSSQLLOCALDB instance.

  • Fix Materials grid [b3060] (a) to prevent crash on form save; and (b) when row selector is clicked, set focus to read-only cell for DEL. [c30304]

  • Fix PDX package export when an item includes a file attachment without extension (i.e., a null globalMimeTypeQualifierCode). [c30281]

10.3.30372.2: 2015-12-05

  • Update client to open much faster by skipping cache initialization on each launch. The client now requests a new cache dataset only on its first connection to a server, or when user settings are reset. [c30364]

  • Update server-side initialized cache to reduce file size when transferring to client. [c30358]

10.3.30422.2: 2016-02-02

  • Fix External Data Importer's item references import to delete existing items before importing new list. [b14316]

  • Fix External Data Importer to allow empty column values in relational lists (BOM, references, sources, files). [c30418]

10.3.30489.2: 2016-03-05

  • Update code signing security certificate to SHA-256. Required by Microsoft Internet Explorer & Microsoft Edge browsers only. For technical details, see Windows Authenticode Code Signing. [c30489]

  • Fix F1 key to open help file on PDXpert Server window. [b13303]

  • Fix remote client to display full help file. [b14330]