PDXpert 10.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 10.0 series software (all dates are UTC).

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Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

Windows XP and Windows 2003 do not support .NET 4.5.1 or SQL Server LocalDB, and are therefore incompatible with the PDXpert server software. Our client compatibility tests no longer include Windows XP and Server 2003.

If your PDXpert system currently uses SQL Server 2005, refer to the SQL Server upgrade instructions before installing this release.

Supported Microsoft products are shown in the PDXpert system requirements.

10.0.28579.1: 2014-12-20

  • New SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB is installed as the default server database. SQL LocalDB improves security by blocking all remote connections. It also provides up to 3X faster installation, a smaller system footprint, and negligible firewall / anti-virus configuration.

    SQL Server 2012 Express (or higher) must be installed when other applications require remote connections to the PDXpert system database. [b7178]

    Upgrade effect: This feature affects new system installations only. It will not upgrade or change current installations using SQL Server Express (or higher).

  • New command line option PDXpertSystemSetup-{release}.exe db=0 permits installation of PDXpert system without the SQL Server prerequisite, and bypasses installation of SQL Server Express LocalDB. After the system is installed, use the PDXpert Application Server's Change Database Server button to select a SQL Server instance (which doesn't need to be named PDXPERT). [c28529]

  • New Roles collection View items owned by permission setting allows users to have access to their own organization's items, the home organization's items or to all organizations' items. [b288]

    Upgrade effect: Existing members of the Roles collection are upgraded to All organizations.

  • New Roles collection Allow local views on user computer permission setting permits users access to local views on the client computer. This replaces the permission implied by user not appearing on any Product Families member's Denied list. [c28065]

    Upgrade effect: Existing members of the Roles collection are upgraded to True.

  • New Roles collection Allow Data Transformation exports permission setting permits users to run data transformation exports and reports using the Report/Export Wizard. [c28065]

    Upgrade effect: Existing members of the Roles collection are upgraded to True.

  • New PDX package export filters the source (ApprovedManufacturerList) and reference (AdditionalAttributes:PDXpert.References) elements based on View items owned by permissions in user's assigned role. [c28241]

  • New columns in the item Appears On lists show the range of parent revisions and their current pending, released and canceled revision status. [b3072, b6177]

  • New Out of office agent setting allows a user to designate another user for change reviews and other assigned tasks. An administrator can change this setting for any user in the User Management window. An agent must have a full-function user account. [b251]

  • New client launcher isolates server upgrades to significantly reduce client-side installs after the server connection is changed, and after a server upgrade. Client-side installs occur only when the client launcher (log-in window) is updated. Compatible with PDXpert server releases 9.2 and higher. [b5155]

  • New Save Log File button on client log-in window solves cases where the full client can't be launched to obtain the log files via the normal Help menu command. [b9203]

  • New 64-bit MSI client setup (PDXpertClientSetupMPx64.msi) installs into machine profile for Citrix® and similar requirements, and supports GPO distribution to 64b Windows. [b4121]

    Upgrade effect: In the case where a full PDXpert system has been installed to obtain an All Users (machine) profile, uninstall the PDXpert system before using this MSI installer.

  • Update Part name and Document name (title) to be attributes edited by the product team, rather than requiring Administrator Override. [b11227]

  • Update item report layouts to accommodate longer part numbers and item descriptions. [b11220]

  • Update full-function user account to allow only single session sign-on. Each time a user logs into the PDXpert client, any session on another machine using that same account is automatically closed. (The behavior now matches that of the current read-only user account). This change improves security by limiting forgotten sessions, simplifies local cache synchronization across machines, and allows new role permissions and out-of-office agent function. [b11222]

    Upgrade effect: A user account cannot be used simultaneously on more than one machine.

  • Update application server's Change Database Server button to (a) configure the newly-selected instance to mixed mode authentication; (b) enable TCP; and then (c) stop the SQL Server service and then start the PDXpert service. [c28020 et seq]

  • Update application server to remove Upgrade SQL Server Express button (SQL LocalDB does not require in-place upgrades). [c28218]

  • Update Report/Export Wizard to show the iteration details (revision & lifecycle) in the dropdown list selector. [b1031]

  • Update Change Forms collection member and change form instance so that the Order value of an added reviewer group is equal to the largest existing order (instead of incrementing the Order value). [b248]

  • Update Persons collection import so that the log-in account is created with the person record, instead of requiring two passes. [b9204]

  • Update starting database configuration: Currencies: updated conversion rates; Roles: new Partner member; Part Types: replaced Source member with Manufacturer Source and added new custom attributes to identify distributors; Change Forms: updated workflows. [c28388]

  • Update change form notification subject and observer statement. [c28491]

  • Update to add the latest .NET display scaling configuration option EnableWindowsFormsHighDpiAutoResizing. [c28434]

    Upgrade effect: Due to problems with Windows display scaling, we recommend setting your scaling factor to 100% (Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Display). If your display screen is set to anything other than 100% scaling, upgrading to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 may reduce a few scaling problems.

  • Update database email table to identify inintiating user. [c28105]

    Upgrade effect: Prior to upgrading, ensure that (a) the default person (the Super Administrator, bold in the Persons collection) has a full-function user account, or (b) assign a current full-function user as the Super Administrator (context menu Set as Super Admin). The upgrade may otherwise fail: Error PDXpert.ServiceModel.WindowsService - System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'Sender', table 'PDXpertDB.dbo.Email'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails.

  • Fix change form's Reviewers list to conform to template's Lock setting. [b11223]

  • Fix sorting button labels on item References from Rank to Row. [c28362]

  • Fix Report/Export Wizard to sort iteration selection dropdown list from most recent to oldest iteration. [c28350, b11221c]

  • Fix multi-level BOM report titles to match context menu commands. [c28420]

  • Fix permissions so that a user who can create documents cannot implicitly create parts. [c27891]

  • Fix the Roles collection member Permissions list to include Groups. [b9211]

  • Fix PDX file export when an item on the References list has a BOM with items. Multi-level references can't be represented in the IPC-2570 standard, so this will be omitted from the PDX package. [c28239]

  • Fix permissions so that, a user must have a Roles member that includes Documents: Is an analyst permission, in addition to parts analyst permission, to access the Markup Wizard. [c28260]

  • Fix External Data Importer to export an empty column for Password in the CollectionPersons.csv template. [b10213]

10.0.29600.2: 2015-02-24

  • Update client launcher to reduce time required to open log-in window, and to open main window after log-in. [c28421]

  • Update client cache to use SQLite native code instead of SQLite .NET C#. (May display client error message GUID should contain 32 digits with 4 dashes....) [c29424 et seq]

  • Fix default BOM import (Import Markup From File > Standard) where import file doesn't have Find column. [c28880,c29478,c29521]

  • Fix PLMX to remove live link to source record, which otherwise blocks Item Report & Tab Report after snapshot source record is deleted. [c29423]

  • Fix ItemsOwnedBy exception when user permissions are reduced while the user has an open item. [c29460]