PDXpert 9.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "9.1 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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Microsoft's technical support for SQL Server 2005, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista has expired. PDXpert system requirements identify supported replacements for these products.

9.1.26070.544: 2014-03-18

  • New client SQLite database contains ItemView, ItemMasterView, SourceItemMasterView, and FilePairMasterView public views as materialized local tables. This provides faster and more secure part data to ODBC applications such as CAD. [B4134/B1045]

  • New support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication validates a user name and password against your organization's Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services. [B4094]

  • New public database views ReferencePairView and ReferencePairMasterView. [B5159]

  • New Export Lifecycle Actions data transformation demonstrates using the Item Lifecycle Phases collection's relative maturity value. The example identifies items with relative maturities that are mismatched to items they appear on, such as a Prototype component on a Production assembly. A pending iteration is examined only if there's no released iteration available. [B5160]

    Upgrade effect:  This is not automatically applied to existing systems. Contact your support engineer if you would like help installing the new data transformation XML.

  • New PendingRelativeMaturity column in ItemView and ItemMasterView public views. [B5160]

  • New client cache constraint limits the size of the local file attachment cache (default is 500 MiB). [B5150]

  • New inclusion on Item Explorer's New lists of each type's abbreviation in parentheses. [B4125]

  • New PDX export file Item.AdditionalAttribute elements organization and its organizationContactUniqueIdentifier to identify partner parts in home part contexts (e.g., on a BOM, or customer or regulatory documents as references). [B1046]

  • New PDX export file ManufacturerPart.AdditionalAttributes element globalProductUnitOfMeasureCode to provide a partner part's Default unit of measure value. [B4127]

  • Update the Admininstrator Override function from global system rule to per-user preference that's reset when user session is closed. [B4122]

  • Update PDX export file Contact.AdditionalAttribute to include contactClassificationCode element. [B4138]

  • Update PDX export file Item.AdditionalAttribute and ManufacturerPart.AdditionalAttribute element mediaLocation to location and use for both document Media location and part Location. [B4128]

    Upgrade effect:  Update any process that depends on the mediaLocation element.

  • Update column name from ReleaseNote to RevisionNote in ItemView and ItemMasterView public views. [B5164]

    Upgrade effect:  Update any Data Transformations or Views collection member that depends on the older column name.

  • Update the item form's Appears On lists to use the parent items' revision status icons rather than the generic item class icons. [B810]

  • Update currency conversion rates as of Feb 2014 [C25909]

  • Update assigns initial / subsequent revision starting value when pending iteration's lifecycle is changed after first iteration's release. [B5166]

  • Fix UTF-7 string encoding in an external link, for example German umlaut (Ä ä Ö ö Ü ü). [B5165]

  • Fix roll-up reports for European-formatted (1.234,0) numbers. [B5175]

  • Fix Create New Member toolbar button to allow new members to be created when there's a custom collection defined. [B5156]

  • Fix Product Families collection to recognize a Groups member on the Denied Access list. [C25989]

  • Fix imported Boolean values to override custom attribute default settings. [B5170]

9.1.26115.544: 2014-03-22

  • Update to allow database operations using Microsoft SQL Server 2005. [C26113]

    Upgrade effect: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported. This is the final release that will be tested on SQL Server 2005. Upgrade to a supported SQL Server version now.

9.1.26222.544: 2014-04-01

  • Update to allow originator to move change directly to Routed state without analyst participation. [C26222]

9.1.26489.546: 2014-04-25

  • New PDXpert Server Upgrade SQL Server Express button updates an unsupported or older SQL Server Express edition to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with Service Pack 2. More current SQL Server versions, and non-Express editions, must be upgraded manually. Read the Information tab help topic before using. [B7178]

  • Update public view FilePairMasterView to include library file (GUID) names. [B5163]

  • Fix to prevent empty PDX file when dependent objects in Sources and References lists have dependent objects that can't be represented in the IPC-2570 standard. [C26416]

  • Fix primary key violation in MaterializedFilePairMasterBase table. [C26461,C26468]

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