PDXpert 6.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "6.1 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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6.1.424: 2010-03-02

  • New: PDXpert is now a 64-bit native software application. No more WOW64. You can freely intermix 32-bit and 64-bit PDXpert versions. Installer includes both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of PDXpert, and automatically detects and installs the appropriate version. The server installer downloads the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit SQL Server 2005 (new installs only).
  • New: Higher performance form loading with new client-side cache specifically optimized for VPN/WAN deployments.
  • New: Item Explorer has new column for the Released revision identifier [B497]
  • New: All Item and Revision Files report [B485]
  • New: Mass Roll-up report [B487]
  • New: Approved Vendor List (AVL) export [B478]
  • New: Appears On list shows parent release status [B474]
  • New: Appears On structure tab shows Quantity and UOM [B472]
  • Updated: Recast PDXpert Application Server as stand-alone application and remove system tray icon
  • Updated: Search now supports leading wildcard characters * and ? [B539]
  • Updated: All item reports' Description in header include revision release status [B521]
  • Updated: Data Transformations simplified to include optional Report Template definition [B501]
  • Updated: Roles member form "Create Change" need not have "Create Doc"/"Create Part" as prereq [B495]
  • Updated: Item's Lifecycle Phase is shown in all structure reports [B493]
  • Item form's Release Description textbox has vertical scrollbar [B534]
  • Remove Object cannot be applied to pending item on pending structure [B528]
  • Document & Part forms' Description should have character counter [B494]
  • Task emails should be sent on item save after Snapshot Duplicate [B492]
  • Default Make/buy value defined in Part Type member should be applied to instance [B489]
  • Reviewer who approves change should not receive status email until all reviewers are finished [B484]
  • Custom Attribute default UOM should be displayed on item instance unless overridden [B479]
  • Custom grid should not allow Attribute names to be changed; display by sort order [B456]

6.1.461: 2010-04-05

  • Changing the TYPE members Is Active flag refresh Item Explorer’s New list [B557]
  • Change Form member workflow paths 20 & 21 allow disable [B555]
  • Appears On Structure & Source lists not show parent revisions on which child has been Removed [B553]
  • Report/Export Wizard have unique export file Type selections [B551a]
  • Update Item Explorer context menu to include all exportable DTs [B551b]
  • Collection member reports clean-up [B550]
  • All multi-line text boxes have vertical scroll bars enabled [B545]
  • Default member of a collection always guaranteed active [B538]
  • Default Analyst on change selected when change is originated [B532]
  • Inactive Delete ("X") button on toolbar removed [B529]
  • Initialize database always empty the library folder tags [B524]
  • Snapshot duplicate of Change form not generate a mail queue for Originator [B503]
  • Update default country from license [B423]
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