PDXpert 6.4 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "6.4 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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6.4.553.13404: 2011-02-22

  • After change approver provides a response, change form is automatically locked [B420]
  • Document, Part & Change Form collection members & instances tab order sequence (tab stops) updated [B430]
  • Reset settings checkbox forces reset of user preferences [B446]
  • Client will indicate the server name & IP address when it gets a version mismatch error [B579]
  • Task "Assigned on" date is editable using Administrator Override option [B599]
  • Deleted user’s session will close after user account is deleted [B609]
  • Exception is handled after dropping a cyclic (recursive) structure onto change form [B614]
  • Unreleased items added to NCF (e.g., ECR) have no effect on subsequent ICF [B617]
  • Email notifications include full change Description, rather than summary (first 250 chars) [B625]
  • Snapshot/Convert will not be enabled for those person who have not permission to create an item [B631]
  • Update the home Organization name in the Collection Explorer cache when the license name is changed [B638]
  • Update part record and format reports for single Cost attribute [B645]
  • Item Explorer’s Tasks list view permissions updated for User/Dispositioner/Approver [B646]
  • Delete permissions cleaned up: Part/Doc: Trustee; Change: Analyst OR Trustee [B649]
  • Search filters work for all recently released items [B652]
  • Changed "Add File" to Product Team permission level; "Delete File" remains at individual file level. [B653]
  • Filter and sort Item Explorer Tasks [B656]
  • Program release (build) number is added to Software License Key dialog [B658]
  • Email notices will not be sent if ASI is working with customer data [B660]
  • Multi-level Structure with Sources report includes document sources as well as part sources [B661]
  • Released child item of a released assembly can be added to change form after using admin (*) search [B670]
  • Change form item report shows all reviewers' comments, not just last reviewer's [B671]
  • DB upgrade cancels all released revisions where a new revision was later released [B673]
  • Document controlling organizations and access rights suppressed in new system installations [B693]
  • Hide document access rights and controlling organizations as precursor to removing them [B708]
  • Product Family permissions resolved to allow "all but denied" access to users with Normal role [B704/709]
  • Client MSI/CAB can be extracted for Windows GP (website Advanced install: Group Policy deployment of PDXpert client) [B710]
  • Extend time available for large file transfers on slow WAN networks [B712]
  • Disposition locking rules updated