PDXpert 6.5 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "6.5 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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6.5.564.14818: 2011-04-19

  • To conform to regulatory requirements and industry good practice, change forms can no longer be anonymously approved by an analyst on behalf of another authorized approver. An analyst is an implied authorized approver of all groups. If an analyst approves a change form, then that analyst will be shown as the Department/Group's Approver. Of course, the approving analyst can note any rationale - including another person’s authority - in the reviewer Comments textbox.
  • Change Forms can now have user-assigned numbers. This is defined using a new User assigns number checkbox.
  • In the item Type collection member (e.g. Part Type is "Assembly"), when a new Custom Attribute ("CA") is added, all the items of that type will be updated to include the new CA. For items that were created before the CA was defined, any default value of the new CA will be applied. If a CA is deleted from the item Type collection member, all items with that CA will lose their previously-assigned CAs. After the Type collection member is updated, users must close, then reopen, an item window to obtain the refreshed CA list. Removed Custom Attributes from the item class (Properties window). All previously-defined CAs that were assigned at the class level will be copied to their Types. A CA is always associated with an item (not a specific revision) and can be modified by the current item Trustee, any analyst, and any Product Team member. Your database will be updated according to these rules when adopting PDXpert 6.5 or later.
  • The Notes (not RefDes) on structure and source lists are now indexed. Search results show the child item that contains the search term.
  • All installation software is now Microsoft Authenticode signed.

6.5.571.15228: 2011-05-19

  • Maintenance release. Technical (internal) changes.
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