PDXpert 7.4 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "7.4 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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7.4.20339.521: 2012-06-11

  • The PDX package export is available on the part, document and change form context menu (right-click to display the "Export Package" command). A PDX package contains item, BOM, approved sources, file attachments and other useful information into a single file that you can share with your supply chain partners. The PDX package conforms to the IPC-2571 series of standards, and can be opened using a PDX viewer such as PDXplorer software. We offer PDXplorer as a free application that you and your partners can download and install. (There's also a file to replace the standard IPC attribute names with friendlier PDXpert labels.) The IPC-2571 specification is useful but, unfortunately, open to interpretation and we'll continue to tweak the PDX output as we receive your feedback.
  • Performance improvements by substantial expansion in client-side caching and redesign of structure parent-child relationship model.
  • Data rules protect from common user errors, such as routing unreleased or cancelled items used on released assemblies.
  • Workflow notification emails include the previous, as well as current, state in the subject; for example "Change form ECN 00009 has been Submitted (was Stopped)". [863]
  • Appears On lists now show From/To range of parent items for selected item/revision. Changed default Appears On filter from "This Revision" to "This Item". [895]
  • Appears On lists now show Revision status icon rather than Item status icon. [810]
  • Backup file name includes date/time, PDXpert release and SQL Server version. [855]
  • Removed Find-item rules from System Rules. Find-item rule for new parts added to markups is always 1 or greater; new documents is always 0. These values are enforced after the row is instantiated. All existing databases will be migrated using their previously-assigned FIND values; the new values will not be applied to existing rows. [921]
  • Locked change form Type so that it cannot be modified after change is created. [861]
  • Email Management window no longer hides behind all open windows after clicking OK on the Password dialog. [778.13]
  • Email Management window textbox for error message (e.g., bad password) to scroll complete text. [778.12]
  • Permit dropping of non-default Department onto change form template (member) and instance. [891]
  • Removed document records from these ODBC views; SourceItemMasterView, SourcePairMasterView, SourcePairView. [857,883]
  • SourceItemMasterView excludes Custom Attributes on sources, and maximum supported CA count on home item increased from 100 to 200. [898]
  • Views are limited to reject excessive number of Type Property Descriptors. The maximum number of PDs accepted in a View is 100. [892]
  • Moved "Is import" option to Data Transformation settings XML. [875]
  • Item Explorers default column width value is set for Initialized User Preferences. [873]
  • Badly-formed Data Transformation will not affect client's ability to open. [888]
  • Revision files changed to allow file trustee access to File Adder, Trustee and Analyst. Add file is permitted for all normal users until associated with an implementing change. Thereafter its available to Analyst until Submitted and to Admin Override until Released. [890]
  • Added search field column in Custom Attribute definition (PD) table & updated it with PD Name, replacing illegal characters in PD Name with underscore ("_"). [871]
  • Removed Searchable checkbox from items.
  • PDXpert Log-in window tab-stop includes Server selection. [916]
  • Copy List As Text works on Structure tab, Current list. [908]
  • Restrict users from changing the category of UOM once it is created in Collection Explorer. [909]
  • Persist Affected items' revision on deviation-type change forms (Manage revisions on Affected tab=true AND Display revision action=false). [917]
  • Dropped obsolete Last Cost columns from the PartAttributes table. [645-3]
  • Released item & tab reports should show released (not markup) Structure & Source lists. [540]
  • Support form's "For support personnel" button is visible to all users, not just Super Admins.
    Updated DT "Report: Change in Process". [936]

7.4.20413.522: 2012-06-21

  • Custom Attribute URI Open button must be enabled when form is locked. [947]
  • A parent item with removed source must accept new dropped items. [945]
  • Added markups in change form PDX package. [C20371]

7.4.20448.522: 2012-07-06

  • Revise pre-migration data validation script.

7.4.20477.522: 2012-07-16

  • Windows XP backup fails using '.' in file name with error "Format is not supported". Replaced dot(.) with underscore(_) in default backup file name. [951]

7.4.20531.522: 2012-07-19

  • Structure tab report shows as empty. [954]

7.4.20752.522: 2012-08-03

  • Structure Markup context menu "Renumber From Selection" appears to have no effect. [961]
  • "Renumber from Selection" maintains FIND gap. [735]

7.4.20934.523: 2012-08-21

  • The ItemMaster public view, which can be accessed via ODBC clients, now has a new ProductFamily column. An item that belongs to multiple product families will show the entire list, delimited by semicolon. [962]
  • The search indexing engine now supports virtually unlimited custom attributes on an item.
  • Item report can now be run on document records.

7.4.21076.523: 2012-09-03

  • Revise pre-migration data validation script.

7.4.21197.524: 2012-09-18

  • PDX export includes all revision files
  • Refresh change form's Affected list on re-drop of item
  • Parent item can be displayed after removing canceled child item
  • Markups' data entry is captured before list scrolling
  • Affected item list hidden after item drop. [977]
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