PDXpert 7.5 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "7.5 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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7.5.21482.525: 2012-12-06

  • The PDX package export (item context menu Export PDX Package) has been expanded to include Source items' revision files; filename includes UTC date/time stamp; exported files' unique IDs are simplified; change history (Appears On: Changes list) has been added; object lists are sorted by number. The PDX package can be opened using a PDX viewer such as PDXplorer software. We offer PDXplorer as a free application that you and your partners can download and install. [B958]
  • Iteration selector dropdown now shows revision, lifecycle and releasing change form. [B624]
  • A new standard BOM import format can be used with CAD applications that can define CSV files for export, and mirrors the External Data Importer structure format and error diagnostics. [B971, 955]
  • Search syntax has been expanded. Standard and custom attribute checkbox values are searchable using the is: (true) and isnot: (false) tags. Custom attribute values (with UOMs) can be searched, including ranged numeric values. [B983, 851]
  • Edit menu Snapshot Duplicate and Snapshot Convert commands copy custom attribute values to new item record. [B993]
  • Window menu command Reset Explorer Docking restores explorers to their default location without affecting history, main window location, or other personal settings. [B987]
  • Structure markup lists now have sort by Name button [B979]
  • Workflow email notices indicate whether user's immediate action is required, or if notice is simply for information. [B273]
  • Document Type, Part Type and Change Form members' Custom grids now have headers for Sort, Scheme, Name, Description. [B967]
  • Labels on Structure/Source panels accept (that is, pass through) double-clicks and right-clicks. [B974]
  • On opening an affected item, user's current place in the Affected items list is maintained. [B790]
  • Change workflow path 12 sends email notice with Routed (not Approved) as subject [B997]
  • Auto-generated email to new user points to server machine name (not admin's workstation) [B929]
  • External Data Importer accepts ItemMaster & ItemStructure file without Class defined [B931]
  • Snapshot Duplicate correctly resets approval list for change forms. [C21396]
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 has been validated and is now supported. The SQL Server installation guide has been updated. [B896]
  • Treat null string as equivalent to empty string for Import From Markup File command. [C21466]

7.5.21512.526: 2012-12-09

  • During upgrade of existing database, assign non-null values to numeric custom attributes to allow indexing of upgraded data. [C21512]

7.5.21609.526: 2012-12-18

  • Released assembly multilevel reports display pending child item. [B1003]

7.5.21675.526: 2012-12-28

  • Increase indexing performance: set batch size to 250/10 and merge threads to prioritize items. [C21675]

7.5.21843.527: 2013-01-23

  • Allow saving new members of the Currency and UOM collections. [B1007]
  • Restoring database with invalid license reverts to evaluation mode. [B1009]
  • Simplify Exclude: Cost behavior to use item-level setting without structure-level override. Cost, mass & material roll-up report calculations updated. [B1012]
  • Public views display markup child items even when parent is pending. [B1014]
  • External Data Importer assigns a value of 1 when ItemSource.Rank is empty. [B1016]

7.5.21977.527: 2013-02-12

  • Snapshot duplicate will copy correct Product Family list onto new item. [B1022]
  • During upgrade of existing database, discard redundant Structure rows. [C21945]

7.5.22633.528: 2013-04-09

  • Correct RefDes matching for Import File to Markup > Standard. [C22606]
  • Refuse to save modifications on unlocked revisions after change has been submitted or routed. [B1024]

7.5.22915.528: 2013-04-24

  • Search index loses position data of edited item when segment is merged to main. [C22827]
  • Fix installer build for Windows XP and Server 2003 after Microsoft VS2012 v110_xp. [C22915]

7.5.22977.526: 2013-05-03

  • Revise sequencing rule to ensure parent revision is released before removed child is canceled. [C22977]
  • Fix installer "DOS window" for Windows XP and Server 2003 after Microsoft VS2012 v110_xp. [C22924]

7.5.23094.529: 2013-05-22

  • Change form's Affected items added by Markup Wizard won't conflict with parallel edit of change. [B3054]

  • Quantity calculation on multi-level reports where structure UoM is not part's default. [C23077]

  • Convert null RefDes value to empty string for DT report/export. [C23085/87]

  • To avoid cross-platform problems with compressed (.zip) files, compress the original files on a Windows machine before attaching them to a PDXpert record. [B3056]

    A compressed file created on a non-Windows platform (for example, a Mac) may not be compatible with the Windows .NET 4.0 GZipStream class. This may affect Windows Explorer's ability to extract your original files or for PDXpert to create valid PDX files.

    Upgrading the server machine to .NET 4.5 may improve compatibility with some compression utilities. Unlike earlier versions of the .NET Framework, .NET 4.5 uses the zlib compression library: msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.io.compression.gzipstream.aspx. The .NET Framework 4.5 is not available for Windows XP or Server 2003 platforms (docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/get-started/system-requirements).

7.5.23366.529: 2013-06-11

  • Improve PDX UTF-8 encoding under .NET 4.0. [B3056]

  • On Item Explorer Search tab, apply the "canceled change" filter using Canceled, not Released, button. [C23195]

  • Copy Materials list on snapshot duplicate. [B3061]

  • In change processing error window, clarify that item should be added/removed on change form, not parent item. [B3065]

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