PDXpert 7.0 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "7.0 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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7.0.649.17127: 2011-10-06

  • The item Custom Attributes are completely redesigned. In the Custom Attributes collection, administrators can specify data types (text, numbers, Booleans, dates, collections). The data types are displayed on the item with appropriate user controls (collection member lists, units of measure, checkboxes, calendar controls, etc.). These new attributes propagate to ODBC views. [746,767]
  • New ODBC read-only views for CAD and MRP look-ups: now include enhanced Items [776], Structures & Sources, Changes [770,775] and Files [772,774].
  • New Views collection to support administrator-defined ODBC views, without requiring SQL Server Management Studio.
  • New External Data Importer tool allows administrators to perform bulk import of unreleased items, structures, sources and files. Data can be exported. [745,769,771]
  • Redesigned Data Transformations collection consolidates all member properties into a single XML format.
  • "Organization Listing" added to starting database Data Transformations collection. [773]
  • The outbound email settings are moved from the server to the client. [778]
  • Extensive "behind the scenes" enhancements to change forms' Affected list, with new error-prevention rules, and corrects a dropped item bug. [777,791]
  • PDXpert Application Server user interface is significantly simplified. Windows "User Access Control" is required to launch the console. This supports the new Zip and Save Log Files function, and will allow more sophisticated SQL Server management capabilities in future releases. While explicitly starting/stopping the client communication service is no longer needed, you should be sure all users are logged out of PDXpert before performing database management tasks. [440/781]
  • Automatically downloads & installs Microsoft .NET 4.0 if it's not been previously installed by Windows Update Service, and always installs PDXpert client on server. [783]
  • Document records no longer support part records on the structure list, and the Markup will accept parts checkbox is no longer available to new Document Types collection members. Existing documents are not affected. [789]
  • Change form's Affected list now always shows affected revisions without expanding item. [790]
  • Corrects the cost roll-up report for using non-US currencies as system default. [792]

7.0.672.17454: 2011-11-04

  • ItemMaster import doesn't rely on specific column order; include all columns in export template. [800]
  • Rewrite EDI help topics and example. [C17447]
  • Make collection member active when it's set to default. [C17654]

7.0.683.17630: 2011-11-23

  • Add RevisionNote column to all views. [817]
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