PDXpert 7.2 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "7.2 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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7.2.18615.516: 2012-02-13

  • Revision-level files are changing: Previously-released files are carried forward to the new pending revision, and are checked out for modification. Similar to structure & source markups, file icons now signal whether the revision file is being added (+), changed (!), or removed (-). The Administrator Override system rule will no longer affect revision files. [879]
  • Item-level files and organization files no longer support check-in/check-out; you simply add and delete them according to previous practice. [854].
  • The redesigned client log-in window eliminates Application Configuration dialog, allows user to select alternative (e.g., training or test) server computer at log-in. [844]
  • Custom Attributes can be imported and updated. [848]
  • Materials lists can be imported and updated. [803]
  • The ItemView (and all related ODBC views) includes more pending revision info, removes the previous HasPending column and defines new IsCanceled column. [818]
  • The part & document Revision description is now included on the change form’s Affected items list, and in the ChangePair(Master)View. [818]
  • Assign source Rank based on highest value already on list. [830]
  • Link to client installer and account log-in details are emailed to new user from User Management console. [827]
  • Significantly improved performance for opening item windows.
  • Server’s Change Data Directory button will adopt, instead of overwrite, an existing data directory if destination folder has valid signature file.
  • The PDXpert client profile now requires only .NET 4 Client, rather than the larger .NET 4 Extended.
  • Application location & size is saved on close and restored on reopen. [76]
  • Prevent change workflow promotion to “Route For Approval” if approver list is empty. [594]
  • Pick List report can be run against canceled revisions. [839]
  • Removed Document Sources. All existing document sources are copied existing into the revision’s structure. [857]
  • Search using * wildcard has been expanded to all users, and the normal result row limit (2000 objects) is applied to the result. [852]
  • Search item number ranges using [ TO ] syntax. [544]
  • Fixed PDXZ compressed file header when backing up 7.1 data using PDXZ format. [858]
  • Locked change form Type so that it cannot be modified after change is created. [861]

7.2.18701.517: 2012-02-22

  • Move "Is for import" Boolean into Data Transformation settings XML. [875]
  • Bad DT does not affect client's ability to open. [888]

7.2.18780.518: 2012-03-01

  • Revise revision file delete permissions. [890]
  • Permit dropping of Department onto change form template (member) and instance. [891]
  • Views can be sized to reject excessive number of type PDs. [892]


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