PDXpert 11.2 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 11.2 series software (all dates are UTC).

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11.2.31038.3: 2016-09-20

New features and functions

  • Physical file attachments are included (isInFile=Yes) in the change form's PDX package. [b15387]

  • Item and revision file Notes are included in PDX package attachment's description. A prefix [Revision] [Item] or [External] identifies the attached file's source list. [c31019]

  • A bill of materials Markup row's reference designators (RefDes) are counted and compared to its Quantity. When unlocked for editing, a RefDes with parsing errors or mismatched quantity is highlighted, and a tooltip contains the count and error description. More information. [b15397, b469, b388]

  • Extended item Name, Notes and RefDes are shown in BOM Sources and References lists' tooltips (up to 4000 characters [~800 RefDes]). [c31017]

Improvements to existing capabilities

  • PDX package referenceDesignatorName is extracted according to the BOM RefDes error-checking rules. [c31017]

  • Upgrade client reporting engine to Microsoft Report Viewer 2015 Runtime (12.0.2402.15). [c31004]

  • Upgrade client minimum requirement to Microsoft .NET 4.5.1. [c30997]

  • Reduce installers' file size 6MB by removing obsolete Windows XP code. [c30987]

  • Upgrade server and client application logging platform to NLog 4.3.9. [c30997]

  • Revise help topics related to new search commands; adding or editing custom attributes; deleting collection members. [c30970-79]

Maintenance fixes and changes

  • Edit menu | Snapshot Convert command correctly creates new record when a part is the snapshot source (regression 11.1). [b15399]

  • First row in item iteration's References list is correctly assigned 1, rather than 2 (regression 11.1). [c30986]

  • First row in collection type member's Custom list is correctly assigned 1, rather than 2 (regression 11.1). [c30986]

  • System rule Copy files to snapshot and Password Policy settings applied within active administrator session (regression 11.1). System rule help topics advise client restart after editing settings. [b15399]

  • Session's database record applies client username instead of server virtual user (SYSTEM). [b15398]

  • Ensure consistent presentation of new collection members' title caption. [b15386]

11.2.31058.3: 2016-09-22

Maintenance fixes and changes

  • Correct database migration from release 11.1 to 11.2 (Unicode text as file Notes). Earlier releases are not affected. [c31058]

11.2.31073.3: 2016-09-27

Maintenance fixes and changes

  • Allow unlocking routed change form where change reviewer is not originator or named analyst (b15401 re-opened [c30961-63]). [c31073]

11.2.31103.3: 2016-10-07

New features and functions

  • Support SQL Server 2016 Express LocalDB for client-side local views. More information. [b15407]

Improvements to existing capabilities

  • Refresh client local views immediately after part or document saved on that client (asynchronous to normal 10-minute refresh cycle). [b13274]

  • Installation and upgrade logic for determining when to install a new SQL Server instance. [b14319]

Maintenance fixes and changes

  • Display correct Serialize, Certify, Complies boolean values in the ItemMaster public view and all derived public views. [b15403]

11.2.31270.3: 2017-03-07

Maintenance fixes and changes

  • If a Change Forms member doesn't have its Release/cancel iterations when approved checkbox marked (e.g., an ECR or deviation) and an item on that change form has never been released, then allow the item to be opened. [c31270]