PDXpert 16.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 16.1 series software (all dates are UTC).

PDXpert PLM 16.0

Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

After upgrading: For correct operation, review all After upgrading instructions shown in these release notes.

Although all PDX package features are available, some are shown only after upgrading to the latest PDXplorer release.

16.1.3301.6: 2024-07-05§

New features and functions§

  • The Show Password button makes the password visible while the button is held down. The password characters go back to * characters when released. The is available on the PDXpert client Login, change Reviewer_Password, Set_Password, Email_Management, and Renew_Password forms. [85dcc48, b94d698, ad02c8a] §

  • All tabs which contain lists of items or files display the total number of items.

    • The Change Notice, Document and Parts will display the total number of items next to the tab title and the glyph . Some examples are shown here: , . [37049df, 2f68a00, 0a93a81, 20be2ab, fa7214d] §

    • The tab tooltips show a breakdown of the lists. For example, hovering over the markup tab under BOM will display: . [362ec52, 2484afe, 4713c37, 749d6f8] §

  • The Export PDX Package function has new Change settings to filter selected attributes, include expanded disposition information, and manage attachments for the change and its affected items' file markups. See the Export a PDX package → Settings page Change help topic. [67b81bf7,e196fdb4,24e3fa5c] §

  • PDX package Change element AffectedItem has new DispositionTasks group that includes assignee, dates, and notes. See definition. [g721,a4b37943]§

Improvements to existing capabilities§

  • Keyboard F5 button refreshes Tasks and the Changes list under Appears On tab.

    • Tasks are updated in the PDXpert client to reflect the latest state by pressing the F5 key while having the tasks tab in focus. Normally, changes to tasks such as deletion of task by assignor or an updated task information only propagates to the client when the client is started or the cache is auto-updated every 10 minutes. Users can also click on Edit ➔ Refresh menu item to get the same result. [60cdf1a, 1addad1, 2d5988e, 542c50b] §

    • Changes list under Appears On tab is not updated by pressing the F5 key while having the list in focus. Users can also click on Edit ➔ Refresh menu item to get the same result. [ab17bf1, ae5f023] §

  • PDX export package content additions and improvements:

    • The home organization's Contact element is always included, even for a partner item package. [g179A,3a27f046]§

    • The ProductDataeXchangePackage element always references the home organization's Contact in AdditionalAttribute elements using new name="packageOwnerContactName" and name="packageOwnerContactUniqueIdentifier" attributes. Copyright string now references home organization member name, not licensee name. See definition. PDXplorer shows Org name in PDX.XML, not in DB AddAttr table (Requires [g179D,6809ed94]§

    • In Contact elements, show new AdditionalAttribute name="isHomeOrganization" where value="Yes" for the home organization, and value="No" for all partner organizations. Person-based contacts are not affected. See Contact (Organization) definition. [g179B,6809ed94]§

    • The Change element always references home organization's Contact in AdditionalAttribute elements using new name="changeOwnerContactName" and name="changeOwnerContactUniqueIdentifier" attributes. See definition. [g179C,6809ed94]§

    • The Change element AffectedItem for a canceled item shows previous iteration's oldRevisionDescription and uses newRevisionDescription attribute to show Cancel status. The canceled iteration's revision value is shown in both oldRevision and newRevision attributes. [18ed74bd-1]§

    • The Change element AffectedItem disposition summary shows release/cancel status and lifecycle. [f5378863]§

    • The Attachment files are not compressed if the filename doesn't include a file type (extension). See definition. [256f1958]§

  • On the Export PDX Package dialog, after clicking the Export button, canceling the Save File As dialog returns to the Export PDX Package dialog, instead of returning to the item record (remove ExportPackage.DialogResult override). [ebc2302c]§

  • The DataGrid row filter now automatically converts non-text column data to strings for comparing to search tokens. [g730D,1d4f3479,5330c509]§

    After upgrading: The following DataGrid example Transforms collection members may be used in releases other than 16.0.3224.5:

  • Show iteration's Created on date on part & document records. [g740,b119d7ca]§

  • Add new Back up the database and library → Restoring a VSS backup help topic. [9238def6]§

  • Add new Cancel a released document/part → Un-cancel a document/part help topic. [fa38f2c8]§

Maintenance changes and fixes§

  • Change processed to Held and then to Originated or Submitted must reset all responses when re-processed to Routed state. [g733,6ef04999]§

  • In starting database, fix Show Pending BOM Compare example transform when pending iteration adds new (unmatched) BOM rows. [g730-d,6d37a833]§

  • Add DEBUG-level logging for Search.ItemIndexer.Index() and Search.FileIndexer.IndexFiles(). [27a6a748]§

  • Fix PDX package Change element's AffectedItem for canceled item to show correct disposition summary. [18ed74bd-2]§

  • Fix PDX package AttachmentMarkups element's URI format (was ID3.filename) to match Attachments element universalResourceIdentifier format (now id00003-filename). [95d7fa96]§

  • PDX package for change forms must include only current affected items' AttachmentMarkup files; exclude complete revision file history. [g198,9b4eae80]§

  • Alter PDX package Attachment element to show universalResourceIdentifier attribute with file:// prefix when isFileIn=Yes (IPC-2571, 8.1). [g646,639e1e51]§

  • In server service log: at startup, explicitly show that ClientInstallerPath has not been set. [976f30d6]§

  • Update TCP port details to show 48086 as preferred in client diagnostics help topic. [72fe13b8]§

  • PDXpert client must be restarted if any edits affect the current user: Roles, Product Families collection help topics. §

  • Fix PDX export dialog must load type and custom settings from PDX export transform. [g757,7ffb7905]§

  • Default database is upgraded to SQL Server LocalDB Express V16.[fa0ff9a,f5a81fc, bc880c9, feadd80]§

  • Update package dependencies.

Antivirus check§

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