PDXpert PLM system architecture

The PDXpert product lifecycle management solution is an n-tier Model-View-Controller design implemented in the Microsoft .NET framework using

  • C# for the data access and business object tiers
  • C# and XAML for the server and client user interface
  • Microsoft SQL Server as the system database engine
  • SQLite-compatible database for local data caching and client-side ODBC views

A free SQL Server Express database engine is included in the default PDXpert PLM system installation. (PDXpert can be installed to use your preferred SQL Server edition.) PDXpert release 10 and later installs SQL Server Express LocalDB to improve security by disabling all remote connections. It also provides up to 3X faster installation, a smaller system footprint, isolation from other installed SQL Server instances, and negligible firewall / anti-virus configuration.

PDXpert PLM software system architecture