PDXpert 12.2 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert 12.2 series software (all dates are UTC).

PDXpert PLM 12.1  •  PDXpert PLM 13.0

Before upgrading: Read all release notes published from your current release to this new release.

After upgrading: For correct operation, review all After upgrading instructions shown in these release notes.

This PDXpert 12.2 requires .NET 4.6 .NET 4.6.2 or later and is the final release compatible with Windows Server 2008. PDXpert releases after 12.2 require .NET 4.6.2 (or later), which Microsoft does not support on Windows Server 2008. Review PDXpert system requirements and Microsoft's list of supported server operating systems.

Microsoft considers .NET Framework 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1 not secure. You should immediately update Windows server and client machines to a more recent .NET version to receive updates and technical support. .NET Framework 4.6.2 and 4.8 are highly compatible in-place updates (replacements) for .NET 4.5.2, 4.6, and 4.6.1. Microsoft continues to issue security updates for .NET Framework 4.6.2 and later versions.

12.2.828.4 (574): 2018-05-01

New features and functions

  • New Collection Explorer Filter… box finds matching collection members by filtering on member name. A collection's abbreviation, display name or material CAS is now included in the member label (like Assembly (Assy)) and can be used for filtering. [g19]

  • Drag items from the BOM, Sources, References and Appears On lists (multi-selection), and the change form's Affected list (single selection), for dropping onto other item lists. [g23]

  • The part Materials list and related mass/weight settings are defined as non-interchangeable part attributes, and locked on part's first release. After the part is released, only an administrator can edit the materials and mass settings. [b19452]

    Effect on your system After this upgrade, parts with a released or canceled iteration will have a locked Materials list, as well as locked mass/weight values. Changes to released parts' materials attributes must be made using the ✔ Administrator override command or by updating the part with the External Data Importer tool.

  • New system rule Copy previous tasks to new revision controls whether tasks are copied to a pending iteration from the preceding released iteration. [g24]

    After upgrading If you do not want tasks copied to the next iteration, clear the Copy previous tasks to new revision checkbox.

Improvements to existing capabilities

  • Increase performance opening part, document and change form windows. Compared to PDXpert 12.1, items on the localhost client open over 40% faster, and the main window opens over 20% faster (network & server load will affect performance). [g43]

  • Display scaling on high-resolution monitors is significantly improved. [g50]

  • On the part record, allow quoted quantity (QQ), minimum order quantity (MOQ) and standard packaging quantity (SPQ) values that may be incompatible with part's Default unit of measure. More information. [g38]

  • Update example data transformation Export BOM with Sources to demonstrate writing a single SQL query to export separate markup and current results. [c31639]

    After upgrading Replace the Data Transformations collection's existing examples Export BOM with Sources (Markup) / Export BOM with Sources (Current).

  • Allow changing revision file permissions using Administrator override preference after item iteration is released. [b15390b, c31640]

  • On change form Affected disposition panel, allow editing all fields when change state is Released. [g49]

  • Add "data entered" icon to Notes ≡  tab when textbox contains data. [g29]

  • Allow Edit menu Snapshot Convert command for change forms. More information. [g22]

  • Panel grids (a multi-line child row like BOM, Sources, References) follow the Windows 10 File Explorer mouse behavior. [g35]

    Selection logic:

    • Primary ("left button") click:

      • Clicked row is not selected: Set clicked row as anchor, select the clicked row and deselect others on mouse down.
      • Clicked row is already selected: Set clicked row as anchor and deselect others on mouse up.
    • Primary click with SHIFT key pressed during mouse down:

      • Selects range of rows from the anchor (defaults to first row if not set yet), to the clicked row, including anchor and clicked row and deselect all the other selected rows on mouse down.
    • Primary click with CTRL key pressed during mouse down:
      • Clicked row is not selected: Set clicked row as anchor and select the clicked row on mouse down.
      • Clicked row is already selected: Set clicked row as anchor and deselect clicked row on mouse up.
    • Secondary / context ("right button") click:
      • Clicked row is not selected: Set clicked row as anchor, select the clicked row and deselect others on mouse down.
      • Clicked row is already selected: Do nothing.
    • Secondary click with CTRL key during mouse down:
      • Do not change any selection or reset anchor.
    • Sorting of rows:
      • None or one row is selected: Set selected row as anchor or default otherwise.
      • More than one row is selected: Set the anchor to default and deselect all the selected rows.

    Pass-through controls for all mouse down, mouse up, mouse move, click and double click events:

    • All labels on the panel.
    • Item class and markup icons on BOM, Source and Reference panels.
    • Change form workflow state icon on change form's Reviewers list.

    Dragging an item from a panel grid requires selecting the row's class (document, part or change form) icon. In most other lists (e.g., Item Explorer, Appears On), the entire row may be selected and dragged.

Maintenance changes and fixes

  • Windows child form maximization has been rewritten to restore standard MDI behavior. [b15424, ¬b13272]

  • Update PDXpert system requirements to .NET Framework 4.6, and apply EnableWindowsFormsHighDpiAutoResizing setting in PDXpert.UI.exe.config file. [g1]

    NOTE: Microsoft .NET 4.6 is the final framework supporting Windows Server 2008. PDXpert will soon require 4.6.1 (or later).

  • Client code extensively rewritten to improve performance, reliability and maintainability; reduced client code footprint about 10%.

  • Permit viewing file permissions when document is locked. [b15390a]

  • PDX package contact ID/IDREF to meet attribute validity constraints for NameStartChar per W3C XML 1.0 (Fifth Edition), section 3.3.1 Attribute Types. [b19453]

  • Prevent modification of an affected item's Revision Files list when change form is in Routed state. [b20457, g20]

  • Enable printing the Part Types collection member report. [g30]

  • Replace internet resource for refreshing Currencies collection exchange rate. [g56]

  • Ensure all datetime controls display and save correct local time. [g32]

  • Save a new change form when the only edit is Originator selection. [g34]

  • On Item Lifecycle Phases collection member, save edits of the Relative maturity value without tabbing out of spinner control. [g31]

  • Part and document Lifecycle phase dropdown list sorts according to Item Lifecycle Phases collection member's Relative Maturity numeric value. [b19455]

  • Disposition panel dropdown lists for Location and Activity are correctly filtered.

  • Allow a Canceled change form to be removed when it appears on another change form's Related list.

  • Describe file management permissions in the User roles & permissions help topic.

  • Replace Microsoft Sans Serif data font with system default font (e.g., Segoe UI in Windows 10).

  • Correct SQL Server instance version identification during backup when service connection is not responsive. [g27]

  • Ensure Product Family is not duplicated when user preference and a snapshot source contains the same product family. [cc9f1403]

  • In the starting database Units of measure collection, update all members to use only ANSI alphanumeric characters (for example, use cm2 instead of cm2). [g55]

    Effect on your system None. This change does not affect units of measure in an existing system. It affects the starting database, and is visible to existing systems only if the database is reset.

12.2.1230.4: 2018-06-12

Maintenance changes and fixes

  • Fix Import Markup From File when other than the Standard import file format (that is, a data transformation) is used.

    Effect on your system This change does not affect systems that import BOM markup files using the Standard import format.

Our new development environment affects PDXpert release identification. Release 12.2.802.4 is more recent than 12.1.31577.4.