PDXpert 8.1 release notes (change history)

Published updates in the PDXpert "8.1 series" software (all dates are UTC).

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Microsoft's technical support for SQL Server 2005, Windows XP, Server 2003 and Vista has expired. PDXpert system requirements identify supported replacements for these products.

8.1.24580.537: 2013-09-18

  • New custom collections allow administrators to define selection lists for custom attributes. [B748]

    • New custom collection form & its member form in Collection Explorer
    • Added custom collection permissions to Roles member.
    • Updated custom attributes in Part Types, Document Types, Change Forms to allow selecting a custom collection.
    • Updated ODBC views (e.g., ItemMasterView) to display custom collection values in _Member columns.
    • Updated External Data Importer tool to recognize custom collection values in named columns.
    • Add customGroup and customMember elements to PLMX definition.
    • Add custom collection values to AdditionalAttributes in PDX package export.
  • Starting database includes improved format for Changes in Process demonstration report. [B4102]

    Upgrade effect: This is not automatically applied to existing systems. Contact your support engineer if you would like help installing the new data transformation XML.

  • Standard BOM import matches against existing parts using case- and space-insensitive comparisons for all attributes. [B4110]

  • Updated report Revision's Top Assembly on part's Appears On : BOM context menu; quantity is the sum of all part instances under top assembly. [B3067/C24580]

    • When the part has only a released revision, then the report shows all parents (released or pending).
    • When the part has a pending revision, then the report run against (a) the released revision shows only released parents, and (b) the pending revision shows all released and pending parents.
  • Add XML format provider in data transformations for Microsoft RDL 2008. [C24524]

  • In PDX export specification of ManufacturerPart, include itemClassification and revisionIdentifier in PDXpert.Attributes list. [B4112]

  • When a Part Types or Document Types member does not specify an Identifier sequence value, instance shall not enable 123 (auto-number) button. [B4113]

  • Fix UOM Categories form to accept modifications to Convertible checkbox. [C24578]

  • Add uomcategory.convertible attribute to PLMX definition. [C24577]

8.1.24763.538: 2013-10-04

  • Update to support pseudo-parts such as costed labor by allowing time-based units for Part Types default UOM. [B4109]

    Upgrade effect: UOM Categories collection Time member's property Use on part is marked as true.

  • Update to exclude reference items from PDX BillOfMaterialMarkups list. [C24721]

  • Update custom collection member's Name textbox tooltip. [C24685]

  • Fix BOM add/remove display errors caused by Import Markup from File or Remove Object. [C24758]

  • Fix file drag and drop under some conditions (e.g., open PDF, from Firefox) no longer displays a URI format error. [B4116]

8.1.25010.539: 2013-10-22

  • New EffectiveOn column is included in ItemView & ItemMasterView. [B4120]

  • Update Windows firewall settings behavior: After the PDXpert server opens/enables port for SQL Server public views, if the port is subsequently disabled, then the PDXpert server will no longer re-enable the port. [C24932 etc]

  • Update help topic Solve client log-in problems [C24780]

  • Fix pending item revision that has a removed file to allow record deletion using with Item | Remove Object command [B4117]

    Workaround prior to upgrade: Unlock the item record. For each removed file on the pending revision, right-click on the file and select the Undo Remove command from the context menu. Lock the item record and select Remove Object from the Item menu.

  • Fix item- and organization-file permissions for read-only users when upgrading. [C24969]

  • Fix Persons collection member's Address textbox to allow more than one line. [C24928]