PDXplorer™ 6.1 release notes

Published updates in the PDXplorer "6.1 series" software (all dates are UTC).

PDXpert PLM 15.0  •  PDXplorer 6.0

After you export a PDX package from your PDXpert client software, your supply chain partners use the free PDXplorer to view and export data, and save files, from the PDX package.

The current release is available on the PDXplorer download page.

PDXplorer 6.0 and later releases are confirmed as Not Vulnerable to Apache Log4j CVE-2021-44228. 2022-04-12

New features and functions §

  • Show new Change history page for Item Master (part/document) detail panel in a PDXpert package, and Item detail panel in a standard package. [g565,d26a68e] §

    Item change history

  • In the package's detail panel, show new About page with application, copyright, build date, and PDXplorer and third-party software licenses' location. [g534,f52293a,cbbee8a] §

Improvements to existing capabilities §

  • Add package metrics – principal element counts; Attachment counts; byte totals for files (both isFileIn and not) – to the Package info tab. [g564,dcdf2a5] §

    PDX package info - metrics

  • Show a PDXplorer View button (View) button in the navigation panel's Attachment table for poorly-formed but usable web links (e.g., example.com). Replace Uri.IsWellFormedUriString() and Uri.TryCreate() with UriBuilder() to test and open http(s):// links. [g563,a35d8a7] §

Antivirus check§

Installer-G9824ccb Scan results
PDXplorerSetup- www.VirusTotal.com
PDXplorerSetup- www.VirusTotal.com
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