Export a PDX package

A Product Data eXchange, or PDX, package is a compressed file that contains part, multi-level BOM, approved source, and similar design data, as well as related file attachments. PDXpert exports PDX files in accordance with the IPC-2571 and IPC-2578 standards (www.ipc.org).

A PDX package can get very large, even after the data and file attachments are compressed. Be sure your computer has enough free disk space. The IPC-2570 standard specifies a maximum package size of 2 GB.

  1. Select an open item form, open the context menu, and select the PDX package icon Export PDX Package command.

    To open the context menu: Move the mouse over a part, document or change form and click the secondary (usually right) mouse button.

  2. Navigate to the desired folder, and click the Save button to save the PDX package file.

A PDX package viewer application enables users to open and browse PDX packages, and extract file attachments. Some manufacturing (MRP/ERP) systems can import part and BOM data from a PDX package.

The PDXplorer PDX Viewer is available for free download at www.pdxplorer.com

IPC-2570 rules and effects§

This section summarizes some of the PDX package limitations. The PDXpert website tells what data is included in a PDX package, as well as technical limits of the PDX format. Search the web for PDXpert IPC-2570 technical notes

The IPC standards expect that all assemblies and their BOM parts are owned by the home organization, and that partner items need relative few attributes. Thus, a PDX package may have limitations that can affect how your data is exported.

  • An Item (a home organization part) can have a BOM and sources while a ManufacturerPart (a partner organization part) cannot. A partner part with a BOM includes its BOM components, but not the BOM structure.
  • Exporting an assembly owned by a partner organization may fail. Multi-level partner BOMs will almost always fail.
  • The PDX standard says that only a (home) Item can have a BillOfMaterial, and a BillOfMaterialItem must refer to a (home) Item. A ManufacturerPart cannot have a BillOfMaterial, ApprovedManufacturerList or AdditionalAttributes for PDXpert.References list.
  • The PDX package defines the BOM as the only multi-level recursive structure. At each BOM node, the child part may have a BOM list, a Sources list and a References list. The node part's BOM is followed recursively, while only the first-level items are included from the part's Sources and References lists. This means that a PDX package cannot describe Sources on Sources, References on References, Sources on References, or References on Sources. Avoid these relationships in your product structures. If you require these arrangements, then you must export these nodes as separate PDX packages.


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