Keyboard shortcuts

Although PDXpert offers a sophisticated graphical user interface, you can still execute many commands with your keyboard.

In general, the keyboard Enter key performs the same function as clicking an on-screen OK button.

When pressing more than one key, you should hold down the keyboard keys in the sequence shown, and then release them in reverse sequence. For example, to use the Ctrl+C shortcut, you'd press the Ctrl key, then the C, then release the C, and finally release the Ctrl key. When using the Alt and Ctrl keys, you do not use the Shift key unless noted; there may be a difference between Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+C.

Control shortcut keys §

Ctrl+A select All
Ctrl+C Copy selected text to clipboard
Ctrl+D snapshot Duplicate
Ctrl+F view File
Ctrl+I check In file
Ctrl+K checK out file
Ctrl+R open Report/Export Wizard
Ctrl+S Save edits
Ctrl+V paste text from clipboard
Ctrl+X cut highlighted text to clipboard
Ctrl+Y redo last edit
Ctrl+Z undo last edit

Function keys §

F1 open the related help topic
F2 unlock current item for editing, or lock and save changes
Ctrl+F4 close the selected form
Alt+F4 exit PDXpert application
F5 refresh data in the selected form
F8 make new collection member
F9 make new document
F10 make new part
F11 make new change


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