Review a routed change

On behalf of your group, you review the routed change form to ensure that the change:

  • is necessary
  • appropriately addresses the issue, and
  • accurately and completely tells the changes that are proposed.

Based on your assessment, you decide whether to approve, disapprove, or hold the change for further information.

  1. Select the change form's Reviewers page.

  2. Enter your comments, if any.

    For Disapprove change and Hold change responses, you should supply a comment. The Reviewer's comment required system rule may block your response if the comment is missing.

    The change is always on hold until a Must act reviewer responds. Thus, if your change workflow enables a Hold change response, select this response only if your group is Can act.

    If you put the change on hold, then the analyst must move the change back to the Routed state or to the Submitted or Canceled state.

  3. Select the Response. The Reviewer Password window is shown.

    • To confirm your response, enter your password and click the OK button.
    • To change your response or comments, click the Cancel button.

    If you're the last person to approve the change, or you select Disapprove change or Hold change, the change form is immediately moved out of Routed state. You cannot change your response or comments.

    You can edit your response and comments while the change lifecycle remains in Routed state (but you can't reset your response to Pending approval). Your response can't be changed by a different reviewer in your group.

Next steps §

After you've saved your response, the change form moves to the next step in the administrator-specified workflow.

  • If you approve the change form, the system notifies the next reviewer or, if none, sets the change lifecycle as Accepted or Released (or Completed).

  • If you disapprove the change form, any remaining reviewers are skipped. Depending on the workflow design, the change form is forwarded to one of several possible states: Stopped, Canceled, Rejected, or returned to the analyst as Submitted.

  • If you put the change form on hold while waiting for more information, an email notice may be sent to the change originator, analyst or other interested persons based on the workflow's email notice settings. When you get the information you need, an analyst removes the Held state and you provide your final response.


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