Product families

Collection Explorer General group Product Families collection


Specifies the users who can or cannot view selected product data.

Product families are used for access permissions, not for simply categorizing items. If you want a searchable tag for item categories, use the item description text or a custom attribute.

Where used§

Parts, documents, changes

Data fields§


This is the complete name for the product family.
This gives the product family.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection§
See the Managing collections: Common attributes help topic.

Denied Access list§

You may deny users, groups and organizations access to items in the product family. When the product family is added to an item, persons on this list cannot open the item.

The denied list is ignored for these cases:

  • The product family's product team list overrides its denied access list. Users listed on the Product Team always have access to items in the product family.
  • Analysts always have access to the items specified by their role.
  • Trustees always have access to their items.

Product Team§

Team members can modify certain attributes after an item has been released, and can access file attachments. By marking the Product team on a Change Types member workflow, team members also receive emails as a change form is reviewed.

On this list, specify the product team persons, and then add the product family to an item as it's made.

A document's or part's Trustee, a change form's Originator and change form's Analyst are always treated as members of the product team, regardless of whether they've been explicitly listed on the Product Team list.

The following item attributes can be modified by the product team members, regardless of whether the item is pending, released or canceled:

  • Document
    • Document name (title)
    • Language
    • Trustee
    • Product families
    • Attributes
    • Custom
    • References lists' Row and Notes values—edit on References: Markup list
    • Notes
  • Part
    • Part name
    • Language
    • Trustee
    • Product families
    • Attributes (except Default unit of measure)
    • Materials
    • Custom
    • Sources lists' Rank and Notes values—edit on Sources: Markup list
    • References lists' Row and Notes values—edit on References: Markup list
    • Notes
    • Changes to a released part's BOM lists are controlled by the Tools menu: Administrator Override command.

  • Change form

    Product team attributes can be modified only while the change form is Originated, Submitted, Stopped, Accepted or Released.

    • Additional person #1
    • Additional person #2
    • Beginning serial number and/or date
    • Ending serial number and/or date
    • Maximum quantity affected
    • Maximum duration
    • Miscellaneous costs
    • Dispositioning information on Affected
    • Custom
    • Notes


Setting exclusions on the Denied Access list can be valuable if you have users that can see most things, but you want to prevent them from seeing a few selected items. If all of your users are trusted, then not excluding anyone is the easiest option to manage.


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