Help menu

Menu icon PDXpert PLM Help §
Opens the help file to the best topic.
Menu icon Contents §
Opens the help file to the Contents tab.
Menu icon Index §
Opens the help file to the Index tab.
Menu icon Shortcuts §
Opens the help file to the Keyboard shortcuts topic, which shows function keys, Alt and Ctrl keys, and other tips.
Menu icon Setup Guidance §
Opens the help file to the Setup introduction topic, which summarizes the steps for configuring the software.
Menu icon Technical Support... §
Opens the Technical Support dialog, which contains PDXpert's support information. You can save the client log files from this window.
Menu icon PDXpert on the Web §
Launches your computer's default web browser, and opens the PDXpert website's home page.
Menu icon About PDXpert PLM... §
Opens the About PDXpert PLM dialog, which shows information about the application and your computer.


Help Guide Contents [as PDF]