Part window

A single part is represented in a Part tab.

At a minimum, a part consists of an owning organization that's responsible for its technical content, part type, part number, name, technical content revision and business lifecycle.

The Attributes page shows more information about the part and how it's used in production.

The Materials list lets you specify the part's total weight, which can be used:

  • as the basis for rolling up an assembly's total weight, and
  • to specify the percentage of various materials that makes up the part and, in turn, roll-up the constituent materials in its parent assemblies.

A part may have a bill of materials ("BOM"), parts and documents as references, and parts as approved sources. Any part can also show on the BOM of a higher-level assembly, can be a source for a different part, and be a reference on other document or part records.

You can choose whether to attach CAD files, part specifications and other electronic files directly to a part's Revision Files list, or attach the files to a document record and list that document on the part References list.

Class icon §

The part class icon shows the most recent iteration's release status:

  • Pending part icon Pending
  • Released part icon Released
  • Canceled part icon Canceled

You can drag the icon and drop it onto a destination, such as a different item's markup list or a change form's affected list.

The form always opens the released iteration. If the part doesn't have a released revision, the pending iteration is opened. If there's no pending iteration, then the most recent canceled iteration is opened.

Status bar controls §

The status bar controls let you:

  • Unlocked the form for editing using the Lock/Unlock selection. Locking the window automatically saves any changes.

    Locking the item window

  • Select an iteration using the dropdown box. Each iteration shows its current release state (pending, released, canceled) as an icon; its revision and lifecycle; and the executing change form that released it.

    • Pending icon Pending

    • Released icon Released

    • Canceled icon Canceled

    Iterations in the list are shown with most recent first, and the oldest last.

  • Make a new pending iteration by selecting <..New..> from the list. This option is not shown if the part has a pending iteration.

    Creating a new item revision

Part pages §