Other software licenses

Any licenses for third-party software that are applicable to the installation and operation of PDXpert may be obtained as described below, or by contacting Active Sensing, Inc.

Microsoft SSEE software license§

The license(s) for Microsoft SQL Server and its related software are saved during the SSEE installation procedure. The End-User License Agreement (EULA) files are in the Microsoft SQL Server \EULA folder, typically located within C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\

Other third-party licenses§

The following third-party software may be included in the software product and, if so, their licenses are in the application server installation \website\bin\ path.

  • DockPanelSuite (MIT license)
  • Lucene.NET (Apache software license 2.0)
  • NLog (BSD license)
  • ShadowSpawn (free license)

The product may also incorporate third-party software that is in the public domain or does not require distribution of a license. Such software may include, for example:

  • OpenXML (Microsoft Open Specification Promise)
  • SQLite (Public Domain statement)


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