Change classifications

Collection Explorer Changes group Change Classifications collection


Classifies how a proposed change impacts the affected items' interchangeability or other business-related aspects.

Where used§

Change form

Data fields§

This is the complete name for the change class.
This gives the change class along with its application or business rule.
MIL code§
Provides the required database code for EIA-836/MIL-STD-2549 environments. This field may be ignored in most other environments, or may be used to signal downstream manufacturing or sales-related systems.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection§
See the Managing collections: Common attributes help topic.


Change classifications are derived from business rules. For example, your company's sales team may need to notify a customer about certain types of changes, or when the change's financial impact exceeds a specified limit.

Commercial organizations may want to show that a document change won't materially affect an existing part because the change (a) releases a new part or (b) is purely clerical. In military environments, Class I and Class II changes may be used instead, and the Clerical member can be deleted or made inactive.


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