Disposition actions

Collection Explorer Changes group Disposition Actions collection

Purpose §

Classifies an item dispositioning activity, which briefly states what needs to be done to support the release or cancellation of an item.

Where used §

Change form

Data fields §

Name §
This is the complete name for the disposition action.
Display name §
This is the disposition action abbreviation.
Description §
This gives the disposition action and its function.
Is for document release §
Is for document cancellation §
Is for part release §
Is for part cancellation §
These checkboxes identify the disposition action as being appropriate for releasing or canceling various items. In practice, as the user adds an item to a change's Affected list, that item's release status determines which disposition action members are shown.
Recurring activity §
When marked, this checkbox identifies actions that are repeated as necessary after the change is released. Clearing the checkbox shows that the action happens only once, at the time that the change is implemented.
Active: users can select
Default member of collection
Permanent member of collection §
See the Managing collections: Common attributes help topic.

Setup §

Disposition actions are those activities that release a new item into production or phase an old item out. When first released, a document needs to be distributed to various users, and a part may require special tooling, expedited shipping, or new equipment for your assembly or test procedures. Similarly, canceled documents need to be recalled or destroyed, and old parts can be scrapped, reworked, or used "as is." Each of these choices has cost implications that are determined by the number of units that must be handled (or "dispositioned") and the cost of dispositioning each one.


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