Resolve an on-hold change

As a reviewer, you put the change form "on hold" until you're satisfied that you have all of the information you need for approving or disapproving the proposed change. The change form isn't forwarded to other reviewers until you decide what to do.

The Hold change response is intended for Can act reviewing groups, to prevent the Must act reviewing groups from releasing the change. For a Must act reviewing group, this response isn't useful because the change is always "on hold" until a response is provided.

If you decide that the change requires further work by the originator, you can request the change form's analyst to return it to the Submitted state.

If you're the reviewer who has Held the change form, you may

  • Reset the change status to pending (Response: Pending approval), which lets any other authorized reviewers in your group offer their review;

  • Approve the change (Response: Approve change), which automatically forwards it to the next reviewer; or

  • Disapprove the change (Response: Disapprove change). Depending on your administrator's workflow design, this response may immediately forward the change to an analyst for assessment, or may automatically cancel or reject it.

If you're an analyst working with a reviewer, you can

  • Return the change form to submitted status (Process ➔ Submit to Analyst) for further work (which also resets any approvals obtained), or

  • Return the change form to routed status (Response: Pending approval) to start the current group's review again (which retains any approvals obtained), or

  • Cancel the change form (Process ➔ Cancel Change)


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