Reviewers (change)

A person with a full-function account can review and approve change forms on behalf of a group (identified in the Groups collection).

Before the change form is routed for review, you can add and delete reviewing groups to the approval list. You can also specify the sequence in which the reviewers are notified and whether the reviewing group's participation is required or optional.

Authorized reviewers examine a routed change form. A reviewer can never sign on behalf of a different reviewer, or undo a signed change form if a subsequent reviewer has acted on it or the change is no longer in the Routed lifecycle state.

As the change originator or analyst §

Order §
The review sequence determines the sequence that reviewing groups are notified of the routed change. You can have several groups with the same review order value. All groups that share the same review order are notified at the same time.
Group §
Specify the group that reviews the change.
Participation §
Specify whether the reviewing group is required — Must act — to approve the change. If the group's response is optional — Can act —, the change will simultaneously notify the next group in sequence while waiting for the group's response.

As a reviewer §

Comments §
Add comments to explain the reason for your response.
The Reviewer's comment required system rule may require your comment before your response is saved.
Reviewer response (and status date) §

Specify whether you approve, disapprove or want to hold (suspend) the change form.

  • Approve change icon Approve

  • Disapprove change icon Disapprove

  • Hold change icon Hold

Reviewer §
When you provide a response for the group, your name is automatically shown.
Password §
After providing your response, you're prompted to enter your password. After you type in your password, your response is recorded, all fields are locked, and the workflow lifecycle is updated.

When a routed change form is returned to the Submitted or Originated state, it shows the current reviewer names, responses and comments. When the change form is again sent to the Routed state, each reviewer's name and response is cleared, and the comment is retained. Any person currently in the group can provide a response for the re-routed change.


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