PDXpert Application Server overview

The PDXpert® Application Server shows an administrator interface window (the "console") for configuring the system and for managing your product database and library. It works with the PDXpert Server service that communicates with PDXpert client applications and the Microsoft® SQL Server™ database engine.

In the PDXpert Application Server help topics, pay special attention to warnings like this to avoid data damage or loss.

The PDXpert Application Server requires complete and exclusive control of its database. Do not add your own table, view, stored procedure, or other resource in the PDXpertDB database. Do not alter PDXpert tables, views or other objects. During an upgrade, PDXpert may add, alter or drop tables, and make other changes. An upgrade drops all stored procedures, functions, triggers, and views (with the Views collection), and then rebuilds. Make a separate database to hold your own objects.

Do not rename the database logical name, PDXpertDB, or physical file names, PDXpertDB.mdf / PDXpertDB_Log.ldf. Do not move the physical files out of the \Data\Database folder.

Do not add files to the server's \Data\ folder or its subfolders. Unrecognized files may interfere with proper operation or may be deleted without warning.

The PDXpert Server console:

  • Supports database backup, restore, relocation, reset and instance assignment functions.

  • Saves the set of server console and service log files.

  • Resets the super administrator's log-in account password.

  • Provides a web browser link that points to the PDXpert client installer, and a button to save the client installer.

  • Resets the PDXpert super administrator account password.

  • Shows information about PDXpert, Windows and SQL Server, and copies technical details to the Windows clipboard.

The PDXpert Server service:

  • Confirms that the user logging into the PDXpert client application is authorized to access your system.

  • Verifies that the PDXpert client application is compatible with the PDXpert service and database schema.

  • Manages data transfer between the PDXpert client application and the database.

  • Manages the file library for the PDXpert client application.

  • Manages the PDXpert Filter service (a child process), which submits file attachment indexing requests to the Windows Search service.

  • Validates the software license that your organization has been given.

  • Downloads new installation software to out-of-date clients.

Before using the PDXpert Server console, or making changes to the service settings, review the appropriate sections of this help file. The How to... topics provide detailed instructions.


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